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Mario Tomic - Tomy
NEWS   Read an interview with Mario Tomic in the new issue 28 in
Canadian Music Magazine - Guitar Justice.
Progressive New Wave Rock Guitar Style by Mario To
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Progressive New Wave Rock Guitar Style by Mario Tomic
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Mario Tomic
or popularly nicknamed Tomy
is the guitarist,songwriter
and music composer from Toronto.
Artist playing,
and participate in musical genres:
rock,progressive rock,jazz fusion,
blues rock,new wave and ambient music.
The music of artists you can listen
on various international radio stations.
At the same time musician is present
at various music websites,
music magazines and similar media
with musical content worldwide.
The music that composes performer
was present at various top music chart
and received some praise,rewards
if that means anything to indicate.
Musician teaches guitar privately,
at various academies and held guitar workshops.
In addition to personal projects
musician composes music for other performers,
participated in the session and concert projects,
and composes music for various media projects.
Musician actively performing at various
events,clubs and festivals internationally.
For more available information please visit:
Official Mario Tomic Website
Mario Tomic
Mario Tomic
Mario Tomic
Mario Tomic
Mario Tomic
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