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Drug Dealers Dream (FREE D/L)
Club Bangas
Lease this beat untagged and hi-quality for only 24.99$. Premium Leasing (incl. track-outs) for only 74.99$. Unlimited Licence - 199,99$ Email me at
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play hi-fi  DOWN4LIFE
play hi-fi  BLIND DREAMS
play hi-fi  LEVITATING
play hi-fi  CRITICAL
play hi-fi  I'LL BE ON DA MONEY SH-T
play hi-fi  NO EMOTION
play hi-fi  BACK TO TRACK
play hi-fi  DUST I WILL SHINE
play hi-fi  EMPTY FEELINGS
"FREE LEASE" ON *MARKED* BEATS...I only ask in exchange for you to put Krunkrete Studios as producing the beat(s). Just showing Love, no tags on all free leases.

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