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Rock On Songs
Rock On Songs
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play hi-fi  Victorious
play hi-fi  Cover - Little River Band - Take It Easy On Me
play hi-fi  Facebook Life
play hi-fi  Reaching for the Flame (Solo)
play hi-fi  The Prize
play hi-fi  Cover - Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird
play hi-fi  Wrong Choice Today - Rock
play hi-fi  Victorious (Acoustic)
play hi-fi  Danger
play hi-fi  You Could be at Home
Hey, thanks for checking out Rock On Songs(tm); the world's most heard "un-band" rock duo! That's right;, we get all of the fun of pretending to be a band (imagined parties, chicks and dope); without any of the muss or fuss (getting arrested, VD & overdoses). With thousands of plays everyday, we get maximum exposure, while getting to bed by 9:00 (a seniors dream come true). Currently with over 12.7 million song plays; we're ripping the competition a new one, and don't even have to pay a rode crew. Here's why we're one-of-a-kind:

1. All songs are played & recorded "live" in one "same take." This means it's real music. We never edit anything, just like a real stage show; so you get the real deal. We're covering 78 different sub-genre simultaneously - that's crazy talk!

2. We have two "special needs" members: Richard "Dick" Butters (my left hand playing fau-bass on a Roland EXR-3) because everyone knows that most bass players drink too much and they only are playing one note anyway; and Brazilian born Ricardo "Sticks" Mandelay (Dr. Rhythm 880 drum machine) which we use as a metronome (unsequenced), because most drummers are always late and usually get all the chicks anyway. Our human members: Bill "burly beef" De Haan (rhythm & lead using an SG & Signature Strat) & Dave "the guy" Van Wormer (keys: Korg Trinity Plus & Roland EXR-3, vocals & composer) drive the boat; turning out tune after tune (influenced by 60's & 70's British & American roots).

3. Our "world famous" News Page: Updated several times each month, we tell you the "truth" others don't have the stones to say - always true, always made up, and always nutty.

4. We may be outside of your home now: look out the window, really.

And of course, it's much easier for two guys to get along and get things done rather than four (and since we're an "un-band;" it's totally okay).

We're about fun & the music. We have great songs and great lyrics; make sure and go to the full song info pages to check out our lyrics (of course you can't always hear them - this is rock & roll gang!) Everything is free so make sure and "take it with you." We're starting our 6th year here and there's plenty more to come; 130 so far; listen to them all - or you will die someday.
Why this name?
Bill's known me for over 35 years, (we're kinda old, especially Bill). We were scratching our cranii, to come up with a name; then Bill stared at me (with that stare, you know), and said: "Da, Dave, what do you say everyday 513 times?" I though of many inappropriate words and phrases, but the most common one was "Rock On." Then when we went to "Go Daddy(tm)" to register a fabulous web site - we discovered some band from India (there's a free plug for you guys) had already nabbed that name - so we added the word "Songs" (since we actually play them) to our name. Now you know the secret truth.
Do you play live?
Everything here is done live - anything else is just fake ("oh no, I don't want them to hear my mistakes") music. Seriously, if someone records (perfectly with multiple takes) in a studio and then you hear them live - you'll probably want your money back.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It got rid of the "leeches" that get between the musician and the audience. It means you can actually have people hear your stuff and not have to stay up most of the night playing at crappy bars.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, then they'd want us to make fake music. Real music has real mistakes, and it has character. We're not great, but we're pretty dang good - if we were great, you'd not get free stuff, right?
Band History:
I was in cover bands for 35 years before I figured out that 2 guy's playing original music (and watching TV), is more fun than 5 guys imitating other bands (for drunk people). We've been together for 13 years and counting. The best part is we never have move any equipment, never have to deal with agents or club owners (you know what they're like man), never have to play stale songs for drunks, never have to stay up past 10:00 PM - And we get millions of plays all over the world! Wow, it's the best elderly gig ever!
Your influences?
All great - non boring 60's & 70's classic rock Bands. Back when the goal was to sound original rather than to imitate others. Songs with more than 6 chords!
Favorite spot?
Scranton!!!! (some times Poughkeepsy)
Equipment used:
Gibson SG, Eric Clapton Signature Strat, Yamaha Acoustic
Korg Trinity+, Roland EXR-3, Dr. Rhythm 880, Digitec Vocal Performer, Kustom 400 Pre-Amp Mixer (400 watts), Crown 660 Power Amp (1680 watts) - through 6 x 15" Mains + 2 x 18" Subs + 4 x (5"x15") Horns.
Anything else...?
You'll enjoy these quality, original tunes! And if you didn't; you wouldn't have read this far down the page - because you've already heard most of the first song (since it's on "auto-play") right? Think about that, if you have a "reading challenge" maybe you're on the second or even third tune. Now, who would still be reading this (over worded and totally unnecessary rambling) if they didn't like what they were hearing? Of course no one would ever do that; unless their part of a rival band; attempting to steal the (highly subtle) secrets that make "Rock On Songs" the band we are today (that's right - today).
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