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"I am trying to see how far this rabbit hole takes me." The story of "me" began 29 years ago when my father was listening to Black Sabbath in the car on my way to be born. After I was born I moved outside of Baton Rouge, LA and relaxed for a few years, and began to really develop a taste for music, and became addicted to playing guitar.
Throughout my teen years I was the lead singer, as well as guitarist for two alternative rocks bands that did well locally. After the whole "High School" thing was done, and graduation happened, I went to LSU (Louisiana State University) where I became active in a different type of rock than I had previously heard or played...true Indie Rock! I took the introduction to this form as a tool to put into my songwriting collection. After playing around Baton Rouge for a couple years, I joined the Army. Now you may be thinking, "Why?" Well, easy answer... I was bored. I was bored of the area I grew up in and wanted to experience more things. I am glad I joined the Army, well aside the obvious military service stuff, I got a chance to play with musicians all over the world and learn, absorb, as well as create music that crossed genre lines and blend together the styles I like. I was actually assigned to Army Entertainment Detachment for a year and worked as an Audio and Recording engineer based off my past musical accomplishments... not to bad for a guy who joined the Army to be a Medic.
Recently I have been working on a solo project and my debut is in the works. I have released a couple singles that I have gotten great reviews on for musical style and songwriting.
I said at the beginning if this bio that I am trying to see how far the rabbit hole goes, and that's what I plan to do...I have only just stepped inside and already it seems like a wild journey.

Why this name?
It is my name, just with an altered spelling
Do you play live?
I love playing live, that is the true connection between performer and fan. I can't describe the feeling when I perform a song I wrote and the audience connects with it...man, that's addicting.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has opened the music industry up for artists in so many ways. It is possible for a musician, who just may be a great songwriter, guitar player, singer, etc, that may not have had the ability to become "discovered" otherwise to be heard and make an impact on people and the music scene.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would because as much as I enjoy the independent part of being an independent artist, a major label still has the ability to put music out to a larger group of people.
Band History:
ames Woodard, who alters the spelling of his name to Jaimz Woodard as his stage name, has released two singles and is currently working on his solo debut album. Before we get into the music aspect, I will share a little background on Jaimz.

Jaimz Woodard was born, James Andre' Woodard on July 28, 1980 in Centerville, Mississippi to his mother, Wanda Woodard, and father, Andre' Woodard . Shortly after birth, his parents brought him back to their home in Jackson, Louisiana... and Jackson is where Jaimz lived for the majority of his childhood and teenage years.

Jaimz Attended Jackson Elementary, Middle and High until the 10th grade when he and his mother moved to Saint Francisville, where Jaimz graduated High School from West Feliciana High in 1998. After High School, Jaimz attended LSU as an Animal Science major. It always seemed Jaimz had a "need" to play guitar, and from the time he was a small child he wanted one, and when he was around 11 his mother bought him a used "Silvertone" electric guitar. "I really had no idea what I was doing," Jaimz said, "I was so out of tune and did not know what a chord was, but I would find a few things that sounded ok and write a song based on the riff I made up." After a couple years learning on his own, a friend of his mother's, whom was a successful local musician, began teaching Jaimz the fundamentals of guitar and music. "Styk (his mother's friend), showed me the basic chords and a couple songs, and then I was like a runaway train with no brakes... I just kept learning and had this incredible urge to play everything I could, not just about guitar, but about music altogether, every instrument I could get my hands on, recording equipment, and computer music programs, it became my life."

During High School and college, Jaimz played guitar, sang and was the primary songwriter for a few local bands, before he decided to join the US Army in Jan 2001.
"It has been a wild ride and one I never thought would happen," Jaimz added.

Jaimz left Jackson, LA on January 12, 2001 for Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and then Advanced Individual Training to be a Combat Medic at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. After the initial training, Jaimz was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC...The Home of the Airborne and the US Army Special Operations Command. Three months after arriving at Fort Bragg, Jaimz deployed to Honduras, in support of Joint Task Force-Bravo. "I really thought my music playing days were over, and I kinda accepted that idea...for a minute, then the guitar bug bit me again, followed by the want to create music...I was addicted ." Jaimz said. He began playing in a local band in Fayetteville, NC called "NADA." While in NADA, Jaimz was the lead guitarist, as well as one of two singers in the band. NADA recorded a few demos before Jaimz moved to San Antonio, Texas. While in San Antonio, Jaimz was assigned to Brooke Army Medical Center, in the Department of Preventive Medicine, but did not stay there long. In 2005 Jaimz was chosen to be the Audio and Recording Engineer for the US Army Soldier Show, which is one of...if not the biggest music production the Army puts on. Jaimz spent almost all of 2005 on tour with the Soldier Show, visiting almost every state in the US, including Alaska, then went to Korea and Japan. Having spent a fews years recording his own music, and with the experiences he acquired while with Army Entertainment, Jaimz started building his own recording studio when he went back to San Antonio after the Soldier Show Tour was complete.

Once he got back to Texas, Jaimz was selected to be a US Army Recruiter, and was assigned to the Baton Rouge Recruiting Battalion, thus moving back home to Louisiana. While back in Louisiana, Jaimz hit the studio hard, using almost all of his free time to make music, and perfect different recording techniques. The first two singles he released, "Hometown Blues," and "Standing Here Today," came from these sessions. In August 2008, Jaimz (now a Staff Sergeant), got out of the Army and moved to Highland Lakeshore, between Jackson and Clinton, LA. But Jaimz's time out of the Army was short (4 months), and he enlisted again, and was assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas, and deployed to Iraq in August 2009, and is in Iraq right now.

In Iraq, in the limited amount of freetime he has, Jaimz is still writing music, recording songs, and promoting what he calls, "Electro-Acoustic Rock," which according to him is, "Acoustic guitars mixed with electronic drums and rhythm parts, whether it be hip-hop drums, or industrial drums, I try not to limit myself on those genre issues, I do what feels and sounds good to me." In July, Jaimz will be returning to the States and plans to begin gigging in support of his soon to be released debut album.

The first single released, entitled "Hometown Blues," will be available on iTunes June 1, 2010. The Album will be released later this year.

Your influences?
There is way too much to list, but lately I have been listening to a lot of Lead Belly, and Johnny Cash. Kid Rock, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hank Williams, SR. and a never ending list can be contributed to my influences as well.
Favorite spot?
I like Baton Rouge, LA...it home, Alaska is nice... I would love to get a "retreat" home in Alaska...then I would not have to worry about being found sometimes ;)
Equipment used:
Fender Guitars, I have an old Mexican Strat that I have had forever for electric work and a Fender cut-away Acoustic-Electric, which I love playing. I also us Bose PA...TC Helicon, Behringer Mixers, Apple Computer, Pro Tools, and Cubase.
Anything else...?
I hope you all enjoy the music and if you want to reach me, email


and I am also in the apple store under Jaimz Woodard so if you want the iTunes version of my music... go there
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