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The Urban Guerilla Farmerz On Probation
NEWS   11-thanksgiving-03
We are currently living in the studio recording a new mixtape-like CD. So far we have one track on it called "Unfunkyfunker." The MP3 for this single is available for d/loading. This is an unfinished recording but it will give you the general idea of what we do. We didn't even skratch the subliminal messages in the track yet, but when we do, we will update the mp3, k? 'Til then, enjoy and free your mind. Peace, delcruncho
11-day after turkey day-03
We have just been accepted to this site!!! Good news for us. I know...we only have one song to d/load but give us time. Our other songs are not d/loadable for now and we lost the mp3 versions that we were gonna upload to this site but hang in there. We are working on it and soon you will be able to hear and d/load all of our songs for free. That's right, FREE. We can send ya CD's of us if u want and it will cost u NOTHING. All we ask of u is one thing....SPREAD THE WORD. Yes, tell everybody about us and how we are giving our music away. Hey but don't let that stop u from any donations you might want to send. He-he. On another note, we the UGFOP believe in the legalization of cannibis. We believe in freeing this sacred herb for all uses, not just to consume but for food, materials and fuel. We as a nation can benefit soooo much from this plant but it seems that the hierarchy that runs this nation is hiding this fact. Due to greed. Yes greed. I will stop this discussion for now, cuz I could go on forever. I will comment more on this subject in future news updates. But until then, we will try to get the other songs uploaded for your enjoyment ASAP. Until then, smoke a phat one and chill to our one and only song on our list for now...peace. DJ Erik Shun
Update on "Unfunkyfunker"...
We have decided to make the track one long ass mixtape instead of a single. We've added more breaks and plan on making it at least 30+ minutes long. We are about 10 minutes into the song so be patient. It's a tedious process looking for just the right break, ya heard? And we haven't even started to skratch the subliminal messages, so that's gonna be hella fun trying to find shit. Anyway, we happy the way it is coming out so stay tuned.....Peace y'all. Billy Ray
Whattup stonerz? Just waking up and baking up if y'all knowz wut i meanz. Today we start looking for sh*** (phrases, sayings, comedy...etc.) to skratch into the "taking for f***ing ever, ongoing" mixtape "Unfunkyfunker." We've got about 12 min. of music breakz on the mofo and are undecided to keep goin' w/ dat flow or just end it right there. So for now, we're just gonna add the subliminal messages ala skratchstylee on it. Sorry for not updating the song on this site but in time my friendz, in time. Gotta take anotha hit, so until the next time stonerz, Peace. delcruncho
Soooo, I've been lagging on the song lately and haven't done anything to it due to the holiday season and working lots of OT. But hang in there, buddy. BTW, check out Go there now and sign up for their forum site. It is truly a pothead palace and is filled w/ alot of cool peeps. So go there already....NOW. He he, just kidding. Check it out sometime and say hi. Anyway, I will vow to finish this project by New Years and it'll be available to d/l for your enjoyment. Until then, and lots of budz. cruncho
Ok, maybe not done for New Years but that depends. We had updated the song on the site so check it out. It's got about 4 min. of dialogue, skratching and shit. WE were stoned when doin' this so it pretty much sucks to the normal ear. Are we in denial or WHAT??? he he WE don't care. Good thing here at Delcruncho's Skratch Pad we don't give a damn what we record. As long as we're stoned and having fun doin' it. This isn't an excuse to cover up the fact that we suck, we already know that fool. So we hope u enjoy it and if not, so what? And there's other music too to d/l. We finally found a way to get my other songs to mp3 format so we can upload more of our crap for u to infiltrate your lives. Check it out and make sure you're stoned b4 listening, ok? This way we won't suck as much as u think. Peace, delcruncho & the gang
Well, it'a anotha anyway the CD "Tired Of The Bullshit" by your friendly neighborhood guerilla farmerz is now available from us personally for free or if you want to donate a bong hit or 10 to us , we'd appreciate it. So either d/l the music for free on our bandpage or hit one of us up whenever you're hanging out at any of our favorite digging haunts like, Grady's Records, beat city, Wild Planet or any of the thrift stores in Ventura, CA. We'll probably be high so be prepared to buy us some lunch, k? Happy F***ing New Year, Ho's and Pimps. UGFOP
1-24-04 Well, we are at it again pumpin' out a new CD that's planned to be called "My Posse Shops On Broadway". More skratch noise to ruin your hearing. And this time we will add newer songs done on actual instruments and will include the turntablism crap too. More on this CD to come...later peeps , Delcruncho
2-4-04 We our proud to announce 2 more members that had recently served their time and now rejoined the Guerilla Farmerz. First is CX-4. This person is the most mysterious in the krew. CX-4 doesn't talk at all. CX-4 communicates thru music and CX-4 can play just about anything. A welcome addition, CX-4 can hit a mean bong too. Kinda creepy person tho' if u don't know CX-4. And then there's DJ Wax Phactor. From the old skool Wax is a mixologist in its truest form and will mix just about anything to annoy the hell outta people. He's famous for clearing dance floors in record time. And he don't give a sh*** about what u wanna dance to. He gets lost in his own little happy place when he is mixing so don't even bother w/ the requests cuz he can't hear you when he's doin' his thing. Anyways, let's welcome these members w/ a bong hit. Peace, 'cruncho
2-6-04 NEW FREE DOWNLOAD Yes, anotha' piece of crap created just for you to diss. We don't give a f***. But if ya like it, then give us a bong hit anyway. HE HE This one's called "Wack DJ" , like most of the DJ's in this group. They got skills, don't get me's just when they're stoned , they play like it. And they're stoned 24-7. Well, enjoy the new one...I know what you're wondering? When the hell are they gonna release one w/ the live instruments???? Very child. Peace, Wax Phactor aka The Psychotic Mixotic
2-17-04 We got a new single called "Why?" in the works and besides the usual sampling and use of turntables, this one will also include live instruments. Scheduled to be included is acoustic guitars, violin and stand up bass. And maybe some percussion but we don't know yet as we are in the process of writing lyrics for this song as we speak. Yes, this song will have a message for the world believe it or not. So keep checkin' in for the new single "Why?" as it will also be on our new album "My Posse Shops At Broadway" hopefully to be release on 4-20-04. Until then, peace in the Middle East. D-Bob.
2-18-04 Hey y'all. Whazzupperz? The new single "Why?" is now available for d/loading. This song was done in 2 days total. From scratch even. Thought up, arranged and produced and recorded for your listening pleasure all in just 2 days. Why do we provide you w/ this info? There are some cats out there that will take months to finish just 1 song. That is for the birds. When we work on a song, we get so obsessive over it that we can't sleep or concentrate on anything else..and we get stoned alot too. For some reason our attention span doesn't last very long, hence the time it takes us to write songs. The most we'd work on one song is about a week, unless life gets in the way or if we're working on a mixtape. Then of course it might take longer. Seeing that we're babbling along here, why don't you go check out the new single and d/load it. Feel free to vote on it too. Well, y'all take care now, seen? Oh and one more thing...our new CD that we're working on has a working title that we mentioned - "My Posse Shops At Broadway" , well we might change that to - "Puff, Puff, Give." We feel that this is more appropiate. Let us know what u think. Until the next time, puff puff give foolio. Peace, Billy Ray Valentine
2-19-04 Update: anotha song has been born in the Guerilla Kamp. This one's called "Chump Mofo". The song tells a story about a dude we know so it is self explanitory. Y'all know what to foo. Once again we'd like to mention that these songs are going to be on our new CD "Puff, Puff, Give." to be released on a tentative date of 4-20-04. You can either d/load all the songs as we put them up on the site, OR you can hit us up via e-mail and we'll send ya a free, YES FREE, copy of the new release w/ CD cover & liner notes, etc. We plan to update our printing equipment to hopefully include pics of the Farmerz on our CD covers. So feel free to hit us up anytime. We're out....delcruncho
2-24-04 So, you like disco? Classic rock? Hip hop even? The Guerilla Farmer DJ's are concocting up some of your favorite classic tunes a la hip hop and will be coming up w/ a mixtape release to hopefully coincide w/ their band release of "Puff, Puff, Give." These mixes will NOT be available online due to policies beyond our control. But if y'all wanna hear the Farmerz f*** up your fave tunes w/ da hip hop flava, hit us up and we'll send ya a copy. Man, the creative motivation is hitting an all time "high" in the Guerilla Kamp. Working on originals AND making remixes of your fave songs at the same time. Are we peaking, or what? Keep checking in foolio to see how we are progressing on these new projects. Remember... the release date for the new CD's "Puff, Puff, Give." and the remix CD (which doesn't have a title yet..) will be on 4-20-04. That is if nothing goes wrong....We R Out.
delcruncho & krew
2-25-04 Well, we gotta title for the new remix CD the Guerilla Farmer DJ's are brewing up. It will be called "LeisureWorld Remixmess." It so far contains remixed songs from the disco era/70's rock classics. And we got about 20+ minutes of music so far. The task is very tedious and is taking a toll on our PC but we think it is coming out great. Think of Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz" w/ a drumbeat behind the vocals. That's just an example. Basically we are pumping up the drums on all the songs we remix. Adding today's newer drum flava to the old school songs. And we are thinking of adding skratching but the songs as of now rock sooooo hard w/ their new drum sounds. We don't it is hard to make decisions at times when we get stoned. We'll see. Keep checking in and until then, one love. DJ Rah Jastafar-i
2-28-04 High everybody, Erik Shun here. The new projects "Puff, Puff, Give." & "LeisureWorld Remixmess" are coming out fine and so far it looks like they'll both be done by the 4-20-04 release date. Good for us. Anyway just to let you know, we have had songs that made it on the charts. We did not know these charts existed until one day I was just staring at the band admin. page and as I was going to make an update for the news sect. I noticed the "charts position" shortcut. I clicked it...and behold, to my surprise 2 of our songs made it. And they did pretty good too. Since then a few more songs had made it. All the songs were listed in the following categories : World/Reggae, Acoustic/Folk, Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop. We'd like to thank everybody out there for the support. Remember, not only can you d/load all the songs for free, you can email us and we'll send ya a copy too. The only difference is if you want a copy directly from us, you'll also get the CD cover w/ titles, credits, shout-outs and so on. So go ahead and send for your free copy like yesterday, nahmean? Have a nice day. ES
3-12-04 Another song for the "Puff.." album will be d/loadable soon, if not today. This song is called "Shit On Private John - ChumpMofo Pt. II."
This is the same guy we sang about in "Chump Mofo" but this version is a little more violent. John told me himself that the first song rocked but he wanted more violence in it. We don't promote violence, but if you worked where we worked you'd understand why we got the pent up aggressions inside. People there are NOT very nice. And some of them need a lesson. They should listen to this song for a reality check. Cuz if the hiearchy don't take heed, what's described in this song could possibly happen. As it did in a post office years ago....nahmean? Not that it will but a person can only take so much sh*** b4 they explode/implode. The music is equally aggresive this time. As opposed to the acoustical feel of "Chump #1", this versions got more of a Rage Against The Machine feel to it w/ it's electric guitar and thumping bass lines. And the skratch solo in the middle is done by our newest member/girl Diesect. Besides the vengeful lyrics we think this song ROCKS HARD. So until the next song....employers, be nice to your employees or this might happen 2 u. Bye, Delraich - The Starter Of Fires.
3-18-04 Whuttupperz foolio's? D-Bob's in this mofo to letja 'all know that another Guerilla tune has been born. This one's called "Old People...The Parent Song." It's self-explanitory so just check it out. Most of our band members parents are getting old just like us and sometimes we forget about them because we are soooo involved in just trying to get our sh*** together that we forget about what they have done for us. Nahmean? Did I lose y'all in that assault of words? If so, go back and read it real slow. Anyway, the fact that our parents are gettin' old motivated us in writing this song. Have you put your parents in a home? Don't ya think that is like "storage"? We know that we're not qualified to be home "nurses" but I'm not gonna let my parents rot in a home. To us, it's like they brought us into this world, took care and raised us until we could be on our own. We could at least pay them back by being there when they need us as they get older. That is our belief. If you don't agree, that's cool. But we couldn't live w/ the fact of doggin' out our parents. Soooo, there you have it. Our explanation and motivation of why we did this song. Damn, we're stoned. So anyway the song will be available for d/loading soon so keep checkin' in, k? Peace, Love and Lotz Of Budz. D-Bob
I know what your thinkning....where the hell is that "Old People..." song, right? Well, we are lagging at the moment. The song is done except for one skratch part that we wanna put in but Diesect's been busy with work and all. Hang in there stoner, in due time. We have been cranking out the tunes like crazy (one a week for the last month or so), and right now we're just taking a break to refresh our minds and motivation. The "Puff.." release looks like it will come out on the given 4-20-04 date and will include pics of the band members. Like the one on the bandpage of Billy Ray Valentine. So be patient, and "puff, puff, give" homeboy/girl. Lates, Mike Oxwelling
Hello all from the Guerilla Farmerz. Another song for the "Puff..." release had been made and this one is called "RobzLastDayWitOuttaLicense." Yep, RobbEX Johnson got his license back today after it being suspended due to a bad mix of alcohol and a car. Oh and he's on probation for the next 3 yrs. so we'll at least keep the "..On Probation" part of our krew name for that long. Ok, now I bet you're asking.."what about that f***ing 'Old People..' song and where the f*** is it?" Well, we are still waiting for Diesect to put the skratch part in . She's been very busy being active in a house rebuild. And she's a mom too which speaks for itself. But not to'll be uploaded when it's uploaded, k? That's the best we can do for now. Many projects have come up for members of the band recently. Like the aformentioned house project that not only Diesect, but Billy Ray, CX-4 and Delraich are involved with. And then there's Delcruncho's muscle car project...he's rebuilding his '64 Pontiac LeMans street beast. Maybe we'll post pics of the engine on one of our song entries. Maybe we'll write a song tailored after that pic of the engine..who knowz? These projects have affected our schedules and our creative process has been held back due to other, life. Nahmean? But we are constantly writing and riffing up new melodies whenever possible and we are looking forward to 4-20 for our official release date of the new album. Well, that's about all for now. Until the next time, stay high. The UGFOP
Ok..seeing that Diesect is still busy and that we've been gettin' mail about the "Old People..." song, we uploaded it w/out the skratch part. We plan to update it if Diesect ever gets a chance to put in the skratch part which we think is important. But anyway...finally it is available now to rock your parents out soooo u know what 2 do. Downlizzle that mofizzle and play it for yo' parizzlez. Stay high mofo....DJ Erik Shun
April Fools Day
What the hell is up stonerz? Just an update from the Guerilla Kamp. So far we have 9 songs for the "Puff, Puff, Give." album and things are going smoothly considering that a few of our members have other priorities at this time. We're not sure as to how many songs will end up on the "Puff.." release but it will at least have 10 songs. If things go smooth in the next few weeks we could end up with as much as 15 songs and that means we gotta crank out 5 or 6 more songs in 19 days, nahmean? We're not promising anything but we'll try anyway. And on that note, we went ahead and uploaded the latest entry for the new album. It's called "RobzLastDayWitOuttaLicense". The guy you see next to the song d/load is Robby "BEX/RobBEX" Johnson himself. Enjoy homies. Until the next bong hit... Mike Oxwelling
WHADDUP STONERZ? Ok, we know that we scheduled our release date for the new album on 4-20, the national ganja day for us underground smokerz, BUT.....remember those side projects (house rebuild) we mentioned a minute ago??? Well, seeing that this project is a major priority it totally consumed our time from recording in the studio. Since working on the house, we've only had time to complete one song for the release and that song is available for d/loading as we speak....It's called "Bullshit On A Plate." Anyway, we've got 3 other songs that have lyrics but no music...yet. Actually 2 songs w/ lyrics, the other song will be a cover by Cheech & Chong. You'll see... Sooooo, we may or may not have the release done in time. We know we promised u that it would be done on that date, but once again, at the last minute, life got in the way. That's just the way the ball bounced regarding this last minute delay. We are building a whole new studio for this house project and it is proving to be very tedious. Hang in there...we don't wanna rush the last few songs and risk sounding like we did. Just know tho' that we will still have the release party on that date just because we like to party...any excuse for a party, ya heard? Anyway, enjoy the new tune "Bullshit..." and play it whenever work stresses u out. It'll help u release some of those pent up aggressions u have inside due to shitty situations at your place of employment...that is for those of u who HAVE TO WORK FOR A LIVING. And for those who don't ....u lucky bastard. hehe Oh, and one more thing...we've just got news that Delcruncho's probation term is done. Congrats, fool and don't drink and drive and have all your drugs on u again, dumb ass. Peace y'all, Billy Ray
Hello everybody....Well, by now we know that our new album is NOT done but we're just about to finish it. We have another song for y'all to d/load...we call it the "Guerilla Farmer Theme Song" but the true stonerz will know where it came from. We'll just leave it at that. 2 of our songs that we had planned to put on the CD won't be available on the actual CD due to the fact that we lost the masters during a move. So you'll just hafta d/load them from this site. So much crap has been happening in the Guerilla wise not music wise. Relationships are being challenged, having old parents that need help, not being able to afford rent...which reminds me, we regret to inform you that the Guerilla Farmerz and Delcruncho's Skratch Lab (our studio) will once again be relocated in ...UGH...South Oxnard as we cannot afford to stay in Ventura, Ca anymore due to the fact that we are just paying someone else's mortgage (rent) and that idea does not sit well w/ us. But we really love/loved living gunshots, violence, pollution, cops harrassing us and did I mention no gunshots? We are truly going to miss this present location as for us, it is/was a slice of heaven. We know some of our songs my sound somewhat angry and that stems from life in the 'nard. Well, it looks like we will be returning to that life...bummer. But who knows what the future will bring. "When in doubt, smokedaf***out." Ya heard? Anyway we hope it has mellowed out in Oxtown since we moved away some 8 months ago...So there u have it. The Guerilla Farmerz are coming back to Oxnard. Hey, what a great sounding name for our next release wink ;) Peace, Mike
FINALLY!!!! We have completed the songs for our new release, "Puff, Puff, Give." The last single is available to d/load right is a spoken word piece which is called, "FallOfTheMachine". We are especially surprised about this single due to the fact that we've never dwelled into the spoken word arena until now. Sure we've had lots of opinions about the state of the world and shit, but this piece came out w/ no effort at all. Just heart & feeling is what was used for the words. It was an undescribable experience....Diesect did the music which we felt was the perfect tapistry for the words. Well, enjoy for now. We'll have the CD ready for distribution in a week or 2 . Finally, we are done...Peace, Delcruncho
If you've read the main bandpage you would already know that Diesect has parted ways w/ us. This is very sad news for us. But she feels that she needs to make her own way and basically spread her wings. The Guerilla Krew can only wish her the best of luck and she knows she always has a home here at the Skratch Lab. She's been w/ us for the last 7 yrs. and what a blast. I personally will miss her w/ all my heart. Damn..... On that note, we will be temporarily on hiatus due to the move back to Oxnard and the house project. Which by the way is comin' along well. As for Diesect, maybe our paths will cross again sometime hopefully. But until then, "Happy Trails to you, 'til we meet ahhhhhh-gain." I'm out. Delcruncho
WHAT THE HELL IS UP, PEOPLE????!!!! Delcruncho here just droppin' a line to let y'all know what's been happenin' in the Guerilla Kamp. We are in the process of relocating our quarters. Once again, we will be back in Oxnard, CA. Our studio is being rebuilt from the ground up... thus us not writing any songs for now. But once we are settled...LOOK OUT, MUTHAf***AZ! We will record like f***ing crazy...kamikaze rehearsals, no nothing and each song created and written in hours. Of course we'll be high. We don't give a shit, soooooooo hang in there and take a bong hit for us. We'll be seeing you soon. Peace, Delcruncho
Hi there peeps! Just a little update on what's goin' on in the Guerilla Kamp. The house project is somewhat coming along but taking longer than expected. Hence, us not really doin' sh*** lately. Without this new house, there can't be a studio so the house thingy is priority. But hang in there, we WILL be back and we've got a new ally
in the form of the CTDF Clan. CTDF = Clear The Dance Flo' Yep, a few of our resident DJ's make up for this gang of anarchists. They will play ANYthing and try to "clear the dance flo'" of plastic fakes that have programmed minds...those who are not open minded. Yep, they will soon destroy your sense of what we call "music" once our new headquarters are set up. Until then, enjoy the tunes we have now. And check out delcruncho's "My Space" page. We will be adding ourselves to the "My Space" band page roster soon. Be back soon, stonerz. The UGFOP
Hey there stonerz!! We are back and will be ready to record and wreck your hearing shortly. We're doin' the finishing touches to the studio and man, we have more sh*** than we thought. We only have one studio set up right now. We'll be planning to build the second one at the turn of the year. Our resident 'turntable as an instrument' playa , delcruncho/Jesus Chrysler has been playin' in his side project called The Thugs live every Mon. nite in Ventura, CA. San Souci bar is where you'll find him skratching away in an enviroment to where skratching is foreign. But the people are eatin' it up. And cruncho gets free drinks. He's become somewhat known and word is gettin' around to "check out that dj God guy rip sh*** up." He really don't care what people think as long as everyone's havin' a good time...and they're buying him drinks. So if you're local, go check out the Thugs and buy Jesus and 'sometimes Mario' a drink. You'll be hearing from us soon, mon. Sorry....hehe THE UGFOP
P.J.T. Productions
To Be Continued
Hip Hop General
Email: or text 414-581-7961 for Leasing and Exclusive Rights. Web link for purchase and instant download available upon Request.
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Diesect makes her own way....
Pictured on the right - Billy Ray Valentine
Guerilla Farmer Theme Song
Why this name?
We used to farm Gorillas. Duhhh...the name is self explanitory. And if you don't get it, think real hard.
Do you play live?
NO, WE PLAY DEAD. duh....We'll play anywhere, almost anytime.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We get to fill our minds with even more newer forms of insignificant crap thru the computer than what the radio and TV is already feeding us. Hooray!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
A major label could sign my nutz for all we care. F*** 'em. Unless they let us, and to quote Sinatra,
" it MYYYYY WAYYY." And get paid for it then yes, we may give them the time of day...if that.
Band History:
Originally a street gang/pharmecutical providers from South Oxnard, CA but got the hell out after being shot at one too many times. Moved north from the 'nard and has set up "Delcruncho's Skratch Lab" studios in a June Cleaver'ish kinda neighborhood. No worries here. At long last, now we get stoned and record mayhem for the ears w/ out any interruptions from the cops, rival gangs, and other street scum that for some reason follows us around. Members are: Delcruncho, DJ Erik Shun, DJ Rah Jastafar-i, Billy Ray Valentine, Delraich, Dinosaur Bob, Robby "ROBBEX/YOUR BEXNESS" Johnson, DJ Wax Phactor, CX-4 and newest partime member Diesect.
And frankly, WE DON'T GIVE A f***. As long as we're having FUN. And not getting shot at.
We regret to inform you as of today, Diesect has departed ways w/ the krew. We've hit a fork in the road and she decided she needed to spread her wings and make her own path. We wish her the best of luck. Take care Diesect, and thanks for the good times.
Your influences?
Music & ganja is our influences. Give us the latter. he he
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
DELCRUNCHO - Electric/Acoustic 6-7 string guitars, skratch turntablist, vox
DJ RAH JASTAFAR-I - party rocker/skratch turntablist, bongos
DJ ERIK SHUN - skratch turntablist/vinyl archeologist, percussion instruments
BILLY RAY VALENTINE - electric/stand up bass guitars, vox
DELRAICH - drums, drum machine/programmer,vox & starter of fires
ROBBY "BEX" JOHNSON - a cool ass lookin' rockabilly style Grestch guitar besides his others in his collection.

CX-4 - Musical genius, plays everything
DJ Wax Phactor - mixologist/skratch master
We also use 1,2 and 4 footer bongs, bubblers, blunt wraps, king size rolling papers, Zig Zags (orange package) and pipes along w/ the dank.
Anything else...?
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