Majestic Drama
New School
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Louis Tata
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Your Mercy is New Today
play hi-fi  Let Your Mercy Fall On Us
play hi-fi  Enter In
play hi-fi  As I Seek Your Face
play hi-fi  Thank You Jesus
play hi-fi  In Jesus' Name
play hi-fi  Expressions Of Praise
play hi-fi  One Way To Paradise
play hi-fi  The Glory of God
play hi-fi  You Alone Are God
My Name is Louis Tata from Cape Cod Massachusetts. I'm a Ministering Psalmist and Singer Songwriter of Christian Contemporary Praise and Worship. I have been Worship leader at several churches in my area in the past 21 years and have been writing Christian music since 1982. I started using songs I wrote in worship services from 1993.
I have 40 songs cataloged with CCLI and ASCAP and have been a member of the Christian Songwriting Organization since spring of 1999.
Do you play live?
I've been on our local community access TV and I play outdoors in the summer in our evening services on the green. I also appear at some of the local christian coffee houses from time to time.
Your influences?
Kent Henry, Phil Keaggy, Lynn DeShazo,
Matt Redman, Paul McCartney, John Lennon,
Phil Collins, etc...
Equipment used:
Cubase 4.1, Wavelab 4.0, Ozone 3 Mastering plugs, Various VSTi's The Grand, Groove Agent, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Jamstick 2XL, Marshall Mogami MXLV69 Tube Mic, TC Helicon VoiceWorks Harmonizer, Behringer Multicom Dynamics Processor, Behringer Eurorack MX 3242X 32 Input 4 Bus Mixing Console, Alesis M1 Active Mk2 Studio Reference Monitors, Audio Technica, Koss & Behringer Studio headphones, DigiTech RP80 Modeling Guitar Multi Effects Processor, Korg T1 88 weighted key music workstation,1981 Alvarez 5065 Cajun Queen Acoustic Guitar, 1986 Suzuki Nagoya Acoustic 12 String Guitar' 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Montaya P-Bass Guitar w/Fender Stock Pick-ups, Computer Based DAW - Digital Audio Workstation, High powered computer with an 2X Nuendo Audiolink 96 HDSP Multisets - 24bit/96Khz A/D interfaces, 2 large flat screen monitors for tracking and mixer windows, DVD Back-up for track storage.