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The Gaia Syndrome
Paranoid / Travis Scott Type Beat
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play hi-fi  Interference in the Human Condition
play hi-fi  The Sound of the Rotating Earth
play hi-fi  Beneath the April Rain
play hi-fi  The Seventh Axis of Human Transendance
I'm Tyler. I make music. I write, produce, record, mix and master all of my own stuff. I got started playing music when i was very young. I am primarily a drummer but i have limited abilities on guitar and bass. Hoping to turn this into a full scale live band soon.
Why this name?
I chose the band name because i am a hippie deep in my soul. I value and treasure our earth(gaia) and i believe that we as humans have become an infection. We started as a symbiotic organism and only intended good but now we are a virus. We are a problem(syndrome) and until we fix either the earth will destroy us or we will destroy the world.
Do you play live?
I do not play live but after i get my e.p done i am hoping to put together a live act soon.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe that the internet has turned the music industry upside down but in a positive way. it used to be that a band would go to a record company, have the company pay for the entire recording of their album. The band would then owe the record company back for paying for their album. How do they pay back that amount of money? By trading in the masters from the session. Now, with the internet, musicians can create their music and then post it online. If fate swings their way then maybe they get big and put an album online for sale. And if things go up from there then a band can record mix and master their own album and then go to a record label and get a distribution deal while getting to keep their masters.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would love to sign a distribution deal. i am not sure about a record deal.
Band History:
no band yet. COMING SOON!!!
Your influences?
Meshuggah, Chip Spanner, Periphery, We Came As Romans, Miss May I, Fear Factory, Chelsea Grin, I Declare War, Sikth, Animals As Leaders, After The Burial, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Bullet For My Valentine, etc...
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