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play hi-fi  CLEEZYANA JONES- MR BRAND NEW(single)
Cleezyana Jones is a 20 something rap artist from what he's dubbed Tornado Alley. With witty punchlines and his nothing's off limit music style he's managed to etch his mark on the hip hop world. His myspace page boasts an impressive 300,000+ music plays with the comments to match. He's sold thousands of albums underground & now looks to the forefront of digital music to take him to the next level. His album The Cleezyana Effect was released on March 25th with a rumored mix tape to follow.. Never one to shy away from the spotlight Cleezy has announced that his music will effect us all.

You can find more pics, a full bio, more music, etc at my official website . If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at Thank you for checking out my page and my music!

Why this name?
I got tired of hearing names similar or the same as mine. I was doing a side project with the name Cleezyana Jones. I liked the ring of it, and it was real original and made people take notice and go WTF. So I kept it. It also makes it easier to document my progress when I google the name and things of that nature.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Negatively and positively all at the same time. Negatively in making music is too accessible to too many people that have no talent and shouldn't be making music. The market is so saturated with bullshit its hard to peak your head above the mass amount of trash. Positively in the fact that a lot of money is being saved by labels indy and major alike in that putting out music digitally is much cheaper then the old form of pressing cd's. It has also made marketing take a complete 180 from 5 or so years ago. The net is a BIG part of building a buzz/following now.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah as long as the advance was reasonable. No advance, no deal.
Band History:
Lazy J & Taylormade - Can't Be Denied 2005
Lazy J & Taylormade- Can't be Denied Headed 2 Spring Break 2006
Cleezyana Jones- The Cleezyana Effect March 2011
Your influences?
Babes, Booze, & Benjamins
Favorite spot?
The Country
Equipment used:
Akg c 414xl2 microphone, presonus eureka preamp, mogomy mic chords, m-audio monitors, akg headphones, monster monitor cables, computer, recording booth, cubase sx, etc.
Anything else...?
Yeah check out my album The Cleezyana Effect on itunes. And don't forget to visit the official website at and sign up for the mailing list!!
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