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Love Spirals Downwards
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Love Spirals Downwards: 1991 - 1999

Over their 8 year history with Projekt Records, Love Spirals Downwards released four 10,000+ selling albums; Idylls (1992), Ardor (1994), Ever (1996), and Flux (1998), plus the single, Sideways Forest (1996), and retrospective collection, Temporal (2000), incorporating the styles of ethereal, shoegazer, folk, world, ambient, and electronica to create a sound uniquely their own. Band founder and sole musician, Ryan Lum, constantly strove to push the boundaries of LSD's ethereal pop music formula, while Suzanne Perry's otherwordly vocalizations helped to maintain a certain consistancy from album to album. As Lum moved closer to a contemporary pop sound, creative differences arose, eventually resulting in the enlistment of Kristen Perry to complete vocals for the 1998 album, Flux. In late 1999, Lum began collaborating with singer/songwriter, Anji Bee, under the shortened moniker Lovespirals. Lovespirals released their first full-length LP Windblown Kiss in 2002.

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A unique, sumptuous sound composed of interwoven acoustic and electric guitar textures with exotically layered ethereal female vocals. The band's popular 1992 debut album.

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90's Ethereal music at its finest; part rock, part new age, part folk -- all of it drenched in melancholic psychedelia featuring beautiful acoustic & electric guitar and ethereal female vocals.

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Ambient electronic grooves combine with folk-inspired melodies, lush guitar textures, and ethereal female vocals to a poignant, bittersweet, but beautifully exalted effect.

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"Flux" is ambient-tinged electronica featuring ethereal female vocals and melodious guitar work, creating a relaxing, yet envigorating dreamscape of sound to lose yourself in.

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LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARDS: Temporal: A Collection of Music Past & PresentLOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARDS: Temporal: A Collection of Music Past & Present

An 8 year retrospective of world influenced folk rock, dubby ambient electronica, and mid-tempo drum 'n' bass, featuring ethereal female vocals and dreamy electric/acoustic guitar. Includes album cuts, remixes, live and comp tracks.

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Why this name?
In need of a name for their 3 song demo, Lum and Perry latched onto a phrase they heard on the radio late one night, "love spirals upwards," which was soon amended to "Love Spirals Downwards" by suggestion of their savvy friend, Tom Pathe, who provided the cover photography for their first two album.
Do you play live?
Primarily a recording project, Love Spirals Downwards performed live about a dozen times, generally in conjunction with Projekt Festivals. LSD's last live show was in 1998, in support of Flux.
Band History:
Love Spirals Downwards launched their career in 1991 as a flagship band of Projekt Records. Their music was actually begun much earlier by band founder, Ryan Lum, who had studied guitar as a child, jammed in garage bands as a teen, and had been recording music for years on his own 4-track. Suzanne Perry had been dating Lum two years before she evinced interest in collaborating on his music, inspired in part by hearing a demo Lum recorded with her sister, Kristen Perry.

One weekend the duo added S. Perry's wordless ethereal vocals to three of Lum's instrumentals, and pleased with the results, they sent demos out to a handful of labels. Projekt Records responded, offering to include two songs on their latest compilation, From Across This Gray Land No. 3. These selections immediately garnered attention from fans and critics worldwide, sparking their career as one of Projekt's most successful acts to date.
Your influences?
Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Mazzy Star, Mojave 3, SEEFEEL, Dead Can Dance, Everything But the Girl, Massive Attack, LTJ Bukem, Perfume Tree, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Popul Vuh, and John Couger Mellencamp.
Equipment used:
All but the last album, Flux, were recorded on a 1/4" tape 8 track machine.
Anything else...?
"Dissatisfied with current trends and styles in much of today's pop music, our music is a unique blend of what we find to be aesthetically pleasing. To us, our music transcends any one pigeonhole categorization into one particular style or genre. Elements from East Indian music, psychedelic rock, and ethereal - among others - can be found in our music. In creating atmosphere, we meld "exotically" tuned and processed acoustic, as well as electric, guitars with female vocals and percussion. In breaking with more conventional vocals, we completely abandon the use of language as a conveyor of thought and emotion in hopes that the entire musical piece, instrumental and vocals, work as one artistic expression."

-- Love Spirals Downwards, 1991.

Love Spirals Downwards 1993