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Upon the forgotten peaks of mount Torr,
lay the ruins of the desecrated, haunted church of Natas.
During the 13th Century, the church of Natas was built by monks
to hold all evil doers in Hell, guarded by the devil himself.
Murders, theives and scum from all walks of life were buried there,
to make certain that they reached Hell and never returned.
Today it stands as an old skeletal shell, abandoned and ruined,
left to decompose. But the Darkness that was buried within
still remains.
No one goes near the old church, for stories of ghosts, poltergiests
and unending screams that riddle the local folklore tales.
But recently more has been added to this old tale of fear.
On a stormy Halloween night in 2002, A young man, a student of the occult arts,
found this haunted church in which he believed, through his advanced
studies, he could harness the evil force that lay within, thus controling
the powers of life and death.
His bag was ladened with vials of blood, satanic symbols,
a ritual dagger and black candles, mixed with an incense made from
the crushed bones of decaying corpses.
This young man broke into the church to find the roof had collapsed
into the floor revealing a hidden chamber beneath the stone floor.
He lifted the broken stones away and crept down the hole into the darkness.
Lighting a candle, he saw before him, an old room holding an ancient
tomb with a no lid, revealing a vile skeletal corpse covered in cobwebs
wearing armour of chain mail, wrapped in huge chains as if to stop it from
The young man excitedly upacked his bag. He lit more candles and incense,
and began a dark ritual based upon ancient forbidden texts.
Many hours passed and the storm outside raged on. The young man,
deep in ritual, checked his clock, it was the witching hour.
He approached the chained corpse muttering ancient words.
He took a vial of blood from his pocket and poured it into the mouth
of the corpse.
Suddenly the storm stopped, a silence fell upon the tomb
killing the candle lights. The young man stopped dead in his tracks, then slowly lit
the closest candle. Shakingly he grabbed the candle and held
it over the corpse. Blood began to bubble up through the bones of the
skeleton making the corpse shake violently.
Vile screams filled the chamber as the corpse jumped up grabbing the
young man by the throat. He dropped the candle leaving nothing but screams
in the darkness.

The storm outside suddenly broke into violent temper,lightning crashed
and thunder roared. Below in the ruins of the church of Natas, a young man
walks from the ruins dripping in blood, eyes red like fire and broken chains
hanging from his cold body.
The young man adjusts his slashed skin and pushes his beaten flesh
back onto his bones.
A young man entered the tomb that night by he did not leave it,
The story says the young mans bones are still down there,
laying in an open coffin.
What left that night was not the young man,
but pure hell in human form.


The story goes that he wandered into a city and began a reign
of darkness and destruction. Recent evidence links it to the music
of Filthy Gore, the young man whos skin the devil now wears.

Why this name?
I was conjured with it.
Do you play live?
I love performing live, that's what it's all about.
I perform alot on whotune.com for free, if your online then you can watch.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The power of release has been given to everyone, thus creating more freedom and exposure, but I also feel this has saturated things.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only the tarot can tell.......................
Band History:
See introduction.
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
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