MORE LIFE /// B U Y 1 G E T 2 F R E E *NEW*
New School
WAV $40 | Trackout $75 | Unlimited $150 | 3102925460 | osymmusic@gmail.com | http://www.osymbeats.com
Ray Carmen
*8 New beats* Motorola (Buy 1 and Get 1 Free)
Hip Hop
Mp3 $30 // Master Wav $50 // Trackout $100 // Prem Unlimited $200 | (Buy 1 and Get 1 Free) In All Licenses | For inquiries contact Jgladmusic@gmail.com | Website ww.jgladmusic.com
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play hi-fi  Monster
play hi-fi  Driving
play hi-fi  Hanoi Hanna
play hi-fi  Voice of Free China
play hi-fi  In The Last Days
play hi-fi  Nothing More To Say (1:30 AM)
Ray Carmen has had a hankerin' to write and play his own music since he was a wee lad, pounding on the kitchen table with knives and forks, and walking around with a plastic guitar around his neck. Things haven't changed much.
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