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Lost Theory crew
Lost Theory crew
Sean Divine
*NEW* Boomtown (
Dirty South
107 BPM.
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It all started about 6 years ago. Stan Doubt moved from Sylmar to Simi Valley and met up with the MC by the name of C³. They started a crew called Conspicious and made a mixed tape. The mixtape was solid for a first effort but they were not exactly where they wanted to be so they decided to make a change. Along with Illso they eventually moved on to create a crew called Philter and made thier 1st album called (Bottled Up). Things were going good for awhile. They did some shows and started to get a buzz around Simi Valley. But like alot of crews out there things just didnt work out as they wanted so everyone went their seperate ways. Stan Doubt and Illso moved on to a crew called The New Colony while C³ went on to do solo projects. The New Colony made an album called (Devil's Island) while C³ made 2 mix tapes. Again The New Colony gathered a buzz around Simi Valley while C³ went through some tough times trying to find himself. After two years The New Colony fell apart after the lead MC moved to Colorado. They feel that all things happen for a reason so they all decided to get back to the basics and made songs solo. All along they refined their skills on the mic and Stan Doubt's beats got sicker and sicker! After awhile C³, Illso, and Stan Doubt ended up making music together again and started working with Sleight of Rhyme. With him they decided to start a new crew called "LOST THEORY". We call the new album "After Hours". This is gonna blow the world away once it gets released!
Why this name?
Beacuse we are bring back a Lost Theory of music...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Good and bad things
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Favorite spot?
Las Vegas
Equipment used:
Pro tools 7.4, Rocket krk 5's, Reason 4.0, Gracie 101 Pre amp, Soundforge, Wavelab, Bluebird mic, and hp computer.
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