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Alan Doyle
Frenzy Frenchy
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  fournography
“Rhythm and poetry is what I do best/ Identity is what I got in my jeans, so who guessed?”

That’s one of the many clever lines that have come from a young man out of the (918). His name is Alan Doyle (a.k.a. "The Number 4"), in case you didn’t know!

He has been rappin' 4 seven years & is not showing any signs of slowing down. His current album "fournography" has been noticed by a lot of hip hop fans & artists locally, nationally & internationally.

He is working on his next album entitled "fourever". He can be found on other sites such as Myspace, ReverbNation,,,, & of course, SoundClick!

Now, that you read the bio, enjoy the music!

P.S.: Who's your number?
Why this name?
I didn't choose my name. You're gonna have to talk to Mom & Dad on that one! "The Number 4" moniker started as a soccer number & then, I drew a logo on a book cover that people still to this day identify me as. One of my friends called me "Number 4" one day & it just stuck to me. And the rest is.... HISTORY!!!!
Do you play live?
I'm looking 4 gigs all the time! Man, I wanna do a show!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's helping people like me a lot! I'm getting a lotta fans because of the internet. Do I have to thank Al Gore or something?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
At this moment, I am currently jobless & nearly homeless. Of course, I need a job to have some money but man, it feels like music is one of few things I have left. So, labels.... I'm interested if you are!
Band History:
I started making little instrumentals back in '99 on my Mom's computer. By '03, I decided to pen some rhymes to paper. Made my first album called "FOUR PLAY". Two years later, I made another album called "FOURshadow". A year later, I started on another one called "The Un4given Number" but my focus on that quickly fizzled out & then, I made the songs that you hear on my profile & last year, I finished my latest album, "fournography". Oh, you just wait, because the next album, "fourever" is gonna kick your ass!
Your influences?
There are too many artists to name! Of course, you got Bone Thugs, Wu-Tang, EPMD, Gangstarr, Westside Connection (be4 their drama started) & so on. I love great hip-hop music & nowadays, there's not that great hip-hop music. I don't feel like giving instructions on how to dance or how my "swag" is 72 times a track. I wanna make great hip-hop that people wanna respect.
Favorite spot?
I grew up in Broken Arrow, OK. It's cool. Living in Tulsa, now. It's alright, it's humble. I do like Dallas. I haven't been to Corpus Christi in a decade & that's a shame, because there's a lotta hot chicks there! I wanna travel to a lotta cities & then, I'll have a favorite!
Equipment used:
I used to have a computer & a mic. Now, I'll go to studios 4 that "quality" factor. I need a damn job though!
Anything else...?
I'm also an actor! I do sketch comedy & I'm working on a show called "WTF". Find us on YouTube, "WTFsketchcomedy".

As far as the shameless promoting goes: & now,
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