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The Friday Project
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Bottom-buster: vlayman (outtta lube)

Strings-n-shite: Jose Jones (institutionalized, just keeps sayin, "Gee...")

Vox & gargling: Nodes McKracken (dec.)

Keys & setch: Liver Hotchie (incarcerated)

Percussion: Bo Dran (missing)

Flute: Linda "Loveless" Fluffer (joined a nunnery)

Add-junky members: Grankspoine, WRC, Jazaddict and Dino,Sr. (on the lam)

Para-diddling extremist: k. (quit)
Why this name?
We were named after the drummer, who quit.
Do you play live?
We broke up.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Listen to this, I said, *LISTEN TO THIS!*
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, altho' whether I'd adhere to it is doubtful.
Band History:
We broke up.
Your influences?
Bathtub poots and ice cubes rattling.
Favorite spot?
G, tied with the mote in Gawd's eye.
Equipment used:
ben-wa balls, a Sybian (stuck on "high"), and olive oil
Anything else...?
Complimentary martoonies provided to all groupies who ask vlayman not to dance!
The Friday Project
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