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Puputan Badung
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play hi-fi  Puputan Badung
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XXX launched October 10, 2003 with their Album Druwenang Sareng, which in english, means, What's Mine is Yours - we are one".

XXX is a family band, made up of three brothers -
Rahtut : vocal
Rahtwo : vocal
Rahmink : guitar

and other family members and close friends:

Sila : keyboard/guitar
Rah Alit : drum
Rah Angga : bass
Why this name?
XXX really started by default. After producing a video clip to promote Jayagiri House Productions, they used the name Mister X and wrote and performed the song - Sami Bagia - which in english, means Everyone Happy.
The song was so well received and soon gained interest and popularity, so whilst trying to come up with a name for the band, they used XXX in lieu - and the rest is history. XXX stuck and they have become one of the most renowned and exciting bands in Bali today.
Band History:
Album -1 “Druwenang sareng” – 2003 (meaning: Mine is yours)
Album -2 “Jingkrak-Jingkrak” – 2004 (meaning: Let's Dance)
Album -3 “Bikul Pisuh” – 2006 (meaning: Swear at the Rat)
Album -4 "Sangut Delem" - 2008 (meaning: Story of Good and Bad Balinese Puppets)
Album -5 "Nak Bali" -2010 (meaning: Balinese)
(Available On Cassette)
and also:

The Best XXX Video – 2008 (DVD)
Your influences?
Linkin' Park, U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica,Sublime...etc
Equipment used:
Mix of Balinese hip metal,Rock, Pop, Reggae etc
XXX (Poster)
XXX-Nak Bali
Puputan Badung Live
XXX and the Band
XXX and the Band 2
XXX Live
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