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Matt Thorpe far right Guitar Jammin At Bourbon Street with Stacey Mitchardt

In September 2002 a group of Blues Players from around the world gathered at Kitty Well's Junction Studio's in Nashville, Tennessee. A five day "Live" studio blues jam was recorded.
Here are those songs.

BlueIcewater Radio Review

"The Nashville Sessions was attended by blues cats from England, USA & Canada. Never having met each other face to face, these blues artists gathered together to share a passion to play the blues and share some time together. All players in attendance had only met through online collaboration. Emails and the Blues Forum Message Board, played a pivotal role in kindling the years of an on-line friendship.
All songs were written and recorded at Kitty Wells' studio in Madison, TN now run by here grandson John (JR) Sturdivant. Skip Mitchell (formerly of Oakridge Boys) engineered the live sessions. Add to that a rowdy mix of international characters with one thought, to play the Blues and enjoy the ambience of hanging with other blues players ... and friends meeting for the very first time!"
So many blues, so little time. What an exciting happening took place here! Music on the internet is still quite a new baby, though many Artists have been exploring this new medium for a while. Every day there are changes happening in the music industry, sometimes disheartening, but one thing for sure is that the music will prevail! There are thousands of blues Artists on the net, sharing their music with us and each one has their story. What these men have to share is more than ever could be put in words, this blues CD is the living testament.
This is somewhat a personal story to me, very close to my heart. You see the men in this collaboration have a lot to do with how Blue IceWater Radio was born in the first place. About 5+yrs ago I happed across a music site called I started digging into music there, music I wanted to hear. I continued to find great music though I had to really dig beyond the charting system mostly. I was in 7th heaven with so much undiscovered talent, I've got all the purchased CD's to prove it. I eventually found my way to the blues bulletin board (now debunked; we have adopted the blues buds on our board gladly). I saw many blues Artists that I had listened to hanging out there. I just lurked the board for a month or so but couldn't resist the urge to post seeing the friendships there & the humble sharing of music by these Artists.
It was on this board that I learned more about the blues. These blues Artists, as well as others, embraced me with open arms, educated me about the blues Legends, led me to other blues Artists, but most of all taught me that a friend of the blues is a friend for life. These blues friends inspired me with their music enough to want to give something back to the world of the blues! It's because of these men that you and I are discovering blues Artists from around the globe & listening around the globe too.
Just like the 3D world, you spend any amount of time with people you genuinely care about and they become your home. That's exactly what happened on this blues bulletin board. So much so that the desire to meet and spend time together was inevitable! Hence, a trip to Nashville, TN transpired by several of the many blues friends in September of 2002. Little did they know at that time that what was culminating was an exciting compilation CD that would forever etch their experience. The jam went so naturally well, that months after their trip they decided to make it official & "The Nashville Sessions" was born.
I'm truly honored to help promote this great compilation CD, most of the songs on it are the creation of individual Artists within the group. The heart and soul of the Blues Allstars shared in all their glory is the expression that makes the blues what it is to all of us, blues is a living thing. The core of my blues being tingles at the sound of this music and I am forever in debt to these Artists for opening my soul to the blues. I encourage you to share in and support this experience with the Blues Allstars, its a sample of the future in the making and may we all get to share in many more! You can visit and read more about the Blues Allstars and purchase their CD "The Nashville Sessions"

DJ Smilestir
BlueIceWater Radio
Why this name?
This is actually a second generation of Blues Allstars.The group started as an internet collaboration on just one song "Rollin Pin Blues". But these folks and some new ones wanted to do it the old fashioned was. Meet in person, plug in and play a brand of blues which included all of their respectve styles.
Do you play live?
The Nashville Sessions
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Independent artists had no way to get their music to the masses of the entire world before.The music industry will be forever changed and opportunities for both the listeners and the artists have expanded a million fold.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
After review and full consideration of an offer by all parties it's possible.
Band History:
In 1999, a group of musicians "got together" and "virtually" recorded a song. Without ever having met, completely over the internet, this collaborative effort became known as the "MP3 Blues AllStars". This initial recording, a single track entitled "Rollin' Pin", was to be the spark that spurred hundreds of collaborations from like minded players. It became evident that through the friendships and music being created, that one day, some of these self-same players would meet up and create music in a more traditional method. We are pleased to offer you the Blues AllStars live in Nashville, Tennessee ... "The Nashville Sessions".
Your influences?
Muddy Waters, BB King, Allman Brothers,Albert Collins, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and many..many more....
Favorite spot?
Nashville Tennessee
Equipment used:
Recorded in studio using G4 and Protools on an analog board. All tracks were then burnt to CD and taken to Manchester, England and edited and mastered by Matt Thorpe using the latest digital recording software and technics.
Anything else...?
John (Jasper Mills) Cohmer ... Ohio, USA Songwriter, Guitar, Slide & Bass ~~ Paul (Hookman) Cummins ... California, USA - Guitar & Mayor of Bluestown ~~ Ironman Mike Curtis ... California, USA - Guitar, Bass, Blues Harp & Vocals ~~ Scott Durflinger ... Ohio, USA - Songwriter & Guitar ~~ tj gerencser ... Nova Scotia, Canada - Organ, Piano & Rhodes ~~ Bob Huston ... Tennessee, USA - Songwriter, Guitar & Vocals ~~ Bill House ... California, USA - Songwriter, Guitar & Bass ~~ Larry (Tater) Megill ... Tennesse, USA - Blues Harp & Nashville Host ~~ Kevin "Stik" Paul ... Illinois, USA - Songwriter, Guitar & Vocals ~~Doc Quinn - Mistabluesman ... Paris, Texas USA - Songwriter, Guitar & Vocals ~~ Matt Thorpe ... Manchester, England - Guitar, Producer
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