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Money & Power
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Song done by Official Young Mob. Music made by J-Teq. Lyrics are all self-written. Recorded in Los Angeles, CA April 2011. Random song off of our mix-tape dropping 2011. Recorded by Aaron Claiborne and Sunny Sims in Hollywood, CA. Edited by J-Teq
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play hi-fi  Gign On Yo B****
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play hi-fi  24s and Bustin
play hi-fi  Stop Light
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Young Mob is a hip-hop group consisting of 3 young and talented Latinos out of Salinas, CA currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. All being raised with similar lifestyle backgrounds, they were easily connected with each other in a way to bring new ideas, as well as their own styles to the table. They have been a music group for 9 years now dating back to 2002 while still in high school. All of their music is self written, produced, and mixed and mastered. Not only doing hip-hop and rap, this group does add their own style of R&B to their profile. Any other questions and inquiries about them, please feel free to ask.
Why this name?
Its pretty much a given. We were all young when we formed and coming from the lifestyle that we shared, we put together the mob.
Do you play live?
We try to perform anywhere we can so if you'd like to book us, send us an email at
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Been a group for 7 years now dating back to 2002 while still in high school. All of our music is self produced and mixed, as well as all lyrics being self written also. Not only doing hip hop and rap, this group does ad their own style of r&b to their profile.
Your influences?
All types of genres.
Favorite spot?
All around the world
Equipment used:
Nuendo, pro tools, roland fantom x6, ssl, etc.
Anything else...?
Holler at us...
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