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Starr AKA The Southwest Maeor
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STARR has been an aspiring artist since the mere age of 13. He started
recording from a mic hanging in his best friends room to recording in
his own studio. He has amazed people with his ability and talent. Not
only does he have a ear for choosing great beats to put his lyrics to
but also each and every word that he uses to form a song is written by
him and only him. Drawing from his life experiences STARR has written
about anything he has done, seen or lived thru. Speaking strictly from
his soul you can feel the passion when you listen to his music. STARR
has always believed that if you don’t write your own lyrics then you
are a puppet portraying someone else true life story! STARR is a Born
and Raised Texan and has lived here all his life. Learning to fend for
himself on the streets STARR made a name for himself because of his
many hard life experiences he's become the person he is today. With
the help of some of his musical influences such as Scarface, 2 Pac,
Lil Keke, Fat Pat, Eightball& MJG, UGK and many more STARR has made a
name for himself in West Texas rap. He has also been featured on over
20 cds and just released his first solo project “The Appetizer”
which has proved to be succesful and has many sequels to come!

Southwest Maeor B.K.A. STARR
Your influences?
Scarface, 2 Pac,
Lil Keke, Fat Pat, Eightball& MJG, UGK and many more
The Appetizer Part 1
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