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the longhair tigers
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play hi-fi  come with me
play hi-fi  A New Life
play hi-fi  ours
play hi-fi  Scorned
play hi-fi  nothing to......
play hi-fi  LISTEN
play hi-fi  and you
play hi-fi  breathing freedom
play hi-fi  the road
play hi-fi  until forever (hasta siempre)
damian is from argentina and is drummer in the band mulligan. for the longhair tigers he writes and plays all the music. james is from scotland and sings and writes all the lyrics. he collaborates as oldrottenhead and is also a member of the virtual internet bands jemima's kite and dead divans jam.

all the long hair tigers music is completed via email and the power of the world wide web.
Why this name?
its an anagram of our surnames
Do you play live?
no chance of that as we are so far apart.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
you wouldnt be hearing the longhair tigers as they wouldnt exist otherwise.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
just give us the money. lol.
Band History:
marcelo prive of mulligan had collaborated with jim on a couple of songs and introduced him to damian. since that introduction we seem to manage a new song every couple of weeks or so,
Your influences?
everything is grist for the mill.
Favorite spot?
james likes elounda in crete
damian likes patagonia argentina
Equipment used:
james sings into a boss micro br.
damian uses a roland xp-10
Anything else...?
lets see what the future brings
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