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My older work is mostly MIDI based, 99% composed with a mouse by clicking notes onto a digital score. My newer work is more mixed-media, including both fairly standard MIDI work as well as recorded sections from acoustic and electric instruments.
Why this name?
It's my real name and all of my work is done solo.
Do you play live?
I have played live, but only rarely. Most of the pieces I compose at this point are unperformable, although I do still compose for classical guitar and piano, but I'm not fond of performing with either of those.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps new artists find an audience, and I think it's great that folks can share music so easily.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
In the past I would have said "absolutely." At this point, I'm not sure.
Band History:
I have been a composer since early childhood, initially starting on piano, then moving to classical guitar and other "classical" instruments before discovering MIDI. Since then, I have composed largely elecronic styles incoperating aspects of world, orchestral, and jazz music forms.
Your influences?
My electronic music has been influenced by people like Mike Oldfield, as well as being influenced by non-Western styles.
Favorite spot?
Big Cyprus, Florida
Equipment used:
Currently I use an M-Audio C400, Korg nano series controllers, a QuNexus controller, Sonar X2, various small analog synths, and a theremin. I also use the Euterpea package for sound synthesis in Haskell. For my older works, I used an Audigy2 ZS soundcard, an Alesis QS8 keyboard, Midisoft Recording session (the version made prior to 2000) and a mouse.
Anything else...?
I am currently a PhD student in Yale's Computer Science department, where my research has taken a computer music turn in the last two years. My work can be found here:
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