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Hi, I am T. R. Hellem, the struggling songwriter.
I experiment with different styles that sort of stay around Rock. The different types of rock I like to mix ranges from alternative styles with classic, hard, metal ...
No real hard and fast rules. The songs find themselves during the creative process. Some hide interesting twists, and transitions. There are more songs located at my band site. http://www.myspace.com/thellemn.

I was born in Seattle, Wa., but have lived in the suburban area of Portland, Or. most of my life. I have lived in the North West my entire life. Took an interest in rock music about the age of 11 years old. Starting writing music when I was 19 years old.
Why this name?
Just my initials with the title of struggling songwriter. Struggling in the sense that it is very difficult to get noticed or even get my material to an artist that would fit the style of any particular song I have wrote and recorded. It will take some freak twist of a fluke. So I keep writing songs because it is my passion, and I enjoy it. If there is a payday some day, well, I am not holding my breath. I write music and play because I enjoy doing it. It's a great release, and some of the songs I actually like.
Do you play live?
Not really. I am not opposed to it. I can practice a set easy enough, it's just not my passion.
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