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play hi-fi  free session end
play hi-fi  Terra Firma Collab
play hi-fi  eatin' VA(G)
play hi-fi  Vz. Tunk
play hi-fi  Vz. Eclisis
play hi-fi  vs. zill
play hi-fi  Throwin chrissy
play hi-fi  Hyrule skandal
play hi-fi  Vz. AIM'in ixo
play hi-fi  vz. Paradox
Damnage!!! Dope emcees for the destruction of world order!!!
Why this name?
Came up wit it cuz we damnage anybody that step to the mic. OblivioN, Ether, Lucoman, P.A.T., Saint Urbaine, and Lady D, holdin it down right now.
Do you play live?
Couple of small performances @ CP, OblivioN is always in a cypher somewhere takin money from chumps.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Answer me this does the music industry change the internet...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
who wouldn't...besides the untalented
Your influences?
mostly underground ish
Favorite spot?
UMCP for now
Equipment used:
im usin' protoolsLE wit Mbox, cooledit 2.1, and my mic
Anything else...?
we on our way now so u herbz need to get out da way
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