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Funktifyno is a fusion of improvisational jazz, funk, reggae, bluegrass, rock, blues, latin, butt rock, hip-hop, rock and roll, powerpop, punk, chamber music, elevator music, zydeco, death metal, polynesian big band, oldies, gospel, gangsta rap, goth, polka, folk, ska, industrial, trance, samba, ragtime and anything else we feel like mixing in... like frog legs. Frog legs go great with butt rock.
We are:

James Green - saxaphone

Joe Hall - guitar, vocals

Bill Newmann - bass

Why this name?
A little gnome named "Emily of the Mosers" found us sitting at a diner one night.
She approached us quite suspiciously, and when she reached the table, she leaned over
and quietly said,

"Soon, you will receive a package in which nothing exists, but everything is found."

When asked what the hell that meant, she replied,

Do you play live?
We currently play live, although we're not sure how much longer that'll be the case.
We're looking into doing non-live shows, where we book a gig and then just send a CD
for them to play. Sounds like a good idea to us anyway.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
On a serious note:

MP3s, the Internet, and services like this allow bands and musicians to reach far more
people than ever possible before. The fact that some people see it as hurting their ability
to make money is just sad.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. Unless... wait, no.
Band History:
The band was formed sometime during the winter of 2003, shortly after an intense
23-round Scrabble game stripped us of our abilities to do anything but play music.
Your influences?
Everyone... well, almost. Basically the Greats, the goods, and even some of the not-so-goods
from every style/genre of music possible. We love it all.
Favorite spot?
Right there.
Anything else...?
Bill doesn't wear underwear.
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