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Driven By Entropy
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Driven By Entropy is a five piece metal band from Germany, formed in December 2009 with the goal to create music in the vein of bands like Meshuggah, Textures, Fear Factory, Mnemic etc.

Complex power and controlled aggression - that's pretty much what we stand for!
Why this name?
First we wanted something with a "chaos theory"-ring to it, which lead us to "Entropy", but as there already were a couple of bands going by that name, we ended up using "Driven By Entropy".
Do you play live?
Not yet but we are currently working on a live-set.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it possible for guys like us, with no relation to the "industry" whatsoever, to reach an incredibly broad audience that otherwise would never have been within our grasp.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That depends a lot on what the label would have to offer. Today it is very easy for a band to do much of the classic label-stuff all by themselves...
Band History:
The band was founded in Dec 2009 and immediately started recording demo-songs in hour homerecording-studio. After a few weeks the first five songs were completed and packaged as the "Demo 2010". Shortly after our drummer Tobias decided to quit the band due to lack of time, which means, we are currently looking for a new drummer to get the ship back on course...

So if you are a drummer from the Rhein-Main area in Germany and have the necessary skillset, feel free to contact us!
Your influences?
As mentioned above, all this polyrhythmic metal that was first invented by Meshuggah and is now slowly taken into a more mainstream direction. We've all been big fans of this kind of music but never had the skills to do it ourselves, but now we're slowly approaching that level.
Favorite spot?
The Rhein-Main area in Germany
Equipment used:
For the recordings we used a Line6 POD UX2 for bass, guitars and vocals and the Toontrack ezdrummer with Thomas Haake's awesome Drumkit From Hell extension for drums.
Anything else...?
Pleeease be so kind as to tell us whether you liked our stuff or not!
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