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NEWS   HeterodoxRoxx Live Videos. We will be releasing Videos in the near future. First release is The Reaper
The Reaper
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Live in Portsmouth Ohio
East Coast
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from Classical Symphony, to Acoustic rock to Power Metal and a few things in between. There should be just about something for everyone musically that Heterodox Roxx has brought to the world. all song on this site registered with BMI. Metal Rulz & Heterodox Roxx

Why this name?
it was chosen for two different reasons. the main reason because of the creed "no covers don't ask". not many Indie bands start out playing nothing but originals. The second is the different styles of music that you will hear from this project. Heterodox means "different from aquired standards"
Do you play live?
Currently there is no live shows... read the history on the main site
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it helps indie bands reach a greater audience. without the internet I wouldn't have been able to reach some of the listeners that I have now from around the world on my own, without a major label backing me.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes most definetly!!
Band History:
Heterodox - Different from acquired standards (Websters Dictionary)

Heterodox Roxx is the brain child of Aarion Lee and was unofficially started in 1994 when Daryl May and Aarion Lee got together to collaberate and write some music for the band. Althought the music was there Aarion & Daryl could never find the players to finish out the line-up. But they continued to write together for about a year. Then money and job situations for both members forced them to put the project on hold and Aarion continued to write in spite of the fact that he was the only one to hold up the Heterodox Roxx name.

Then due to a change in careers Aarion decided it was time to get the ball rolling on this project. In December of 2001 Aarion got in contact with INSEA music in Nelsonville, Ohio. they put him in contact with Dave Klingenberg (original drummer) and Andrew Green (original ryhthm guitar player). And in December of 2001 Heterodox was officially underway. Their goal was to play nothing but original music, no cover songs.

The first song Heterodox worked up as a whole band was The Reaper which is the first song on the Dark Shadows CD. Fitting for the first song on the Dark Shadows CD since it was the first song written by the band as a whole, and was always the opening number at all the shows.

With a few songs under their belt, They now was in search of a bass guitarist. but as the weeks went on no one could foot the bill. then Andrew ran across Aaron Bowersock, and he came down to audition. Although he wasn't real good he did have potental and Aarion invited him in as long as he was willing to work at his bass playing. Bowersock contributed the idea for the music of Honor, and War and the lyrics for War. which both songs now are on the third release ReBirth CD. But, Bowersock came to find out that playing music was more work than play so due to that he bowed out from the band.

But Aarion had a back-up bass player Levi Searls to take Aaron's place the same day that he quit.
So after a few practices (about a month) Heterodox was ready for their first gig, at the Moon Jam in Pomeroy Ohio on Aug 31, 2002 with a prime time slot the response was great. So they continued to practice, working up more originals and was scheduled to play at Skatetopia (local skateboard park) in October 2002 but Levi flaked out on the gig and Heterodox was forced to cancel.

November 2002 was the last bit of recording that needed done to finish the Dark Shadows CD. then another booking followed at the Good Times Bar in Pomeroy, Ohio, and Levi was brought back in.
The Dark Shadows CD was released on Mp3.com. in Nov. 2002 and the name had to be changed to Heterodox Roxx, due to another artist with the Heterodox name on Mp3.com.

But the weekend of the booking (mid November) and release of the Dark Shadows CD, Klingenberg fell into hard times and had to quit the band. In stepped Jerod Gilmore to fill in for the Good Times gig, and to replace Klingenberg. But that was the last gig that that line-up played. After that another gig in Febuary 2003 had to be cancelled. Due to the lack of work ethic from Jerod and Levi and having to cancel gigs, Aarion was forced to fire the two remaining members, and Heterodox Roxx was put on the shelf until May 2003.

Although Marty Jacobs contacted Aarion on April 1st 2003, it would not be until a month later that Aarion got hooked up with them. Even though these boys were young and inexperienced they did have a couple of stage gigs under their belt as well as studio time. after hearing them play Aarion was very impressed with the level of talent in the band. And instead of starting out fresh with a new name, since Heterodox Roxx had already had exposer and the band would be working up Heterodox Roxx songs, and some world wide recognition it was opted to stick with the Heterodox Roxx name.

After a month of practicing with the new line-up and recording three songs they were invited to play at the Tri-State Mega Fest in Coal Grove/Ironton, Ohio. On June 4th 2003 the second CD, ReBirth was released, with two songs from the old line-up and two songs from the new line-up, to mp3.com. on June 5th they rocked the Tri-State Mega-Fest on the 2nd stage and everyone that was there was really impressed. Aarion was told that following year, if they have it, they would get Heterodox Roxx on the main stage to play.

After watching the video it was decided that Randy Morgan (even though he was a good writer) was to be booted from the band since he didn't have any stage presense or the work ethics to work on the music that needed to be worked up. Thanks to the internet and some word of mouth. Heterodox Roxx recruited Darrell Vincent into the fold.

Their next two gigs were scheduled on the same day July 26th, 2003 one in Jackson Ohio at the Rock-fest and the other in Portsmouth Ohio at the Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center.
even though the whole band had practiced roughly 10 hours a day the week of the show. They still went and gave the best performances they could and outside of a few technical difficulties both shows went fairly well.

However due to the fact that everyone wanted to go in a different direction musically. others wanted to play cover songs and since Heterodox Roxx's creed is no covers this line-up was disbanded. due to the disbandment 2 songs were cut from the ReBirth CD.

Since the break-up this gave Aarion a chance to release previously recorded material. The result is a 11 track Unplugged CD. Also Aarion is currently releasing songs and recording to finish out the
ReBirth CD.

This project will NEVER sell out and play cover song
And so it begins again........
Your influences?
influences by Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio, Pantera, Journey, Saxon, Black Sabbath, Triumph,
Boston, Bach just to name a few.
Favorite spot?
so far favorite city is Daytona Beach Florida
Anything else...?
check out the radio stations I have put together here on soundclick. For the most part most of these bands have stopped by one of the sites.
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