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If you can't enjoy what you're doing, then you shouldn't be doing it.

Arcanasphere started out as a two-man group in the mid 1990s, and splintered apart as musical, social, and spacial differences interfered. The lost brother of Arcanasphere can be found at soundclick under the name GreenAdder.

The current project is an album entitled GlumRunner - a low-angst fusion of organic and technological influences, and examination of modern vice and folly.

Why this name?
The bandname was a fusion of all of our interests; music, mysticism, and all manner of fantasy.
Do you play live?
Arcanasphere's live performances have been limited to one improv guitar jam after a Running Gags concert in Croswell Michigan.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The music has been cheap for years - now it's free.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on who was passing the pen my way, and the access we'd get to better studio space.
Band History:
1992: Two brothers learn that Electronica is not a bad idea.

1994: These brothers began playing with their first trackers, creating upbeat and flavorful music and learning every aspect of electronic composition the hard way. By this point, both of us had been kicked out of school band - not for lack of love or talent - but for the reason given by one teacher: "We don't like your kind around here." Both had gone on to learn their respective instruments after these inspiring words - Star on drums and Greenadder on guitar.

1996: Released about 20 copies of a home-made tape. Even sold a couple.

1997: Greenadder went to work on solo projects and a mildly successful punk rock group. Arcanasphere became a one-man gig.

Same era: Arcanasphere remixes two Greenadder songs for the "happy 2H8 ravers" compilation. Fans describe the "Rave or Graveyard" remix of "I Hate Ravers" and "60 Seconds in Hell" remix of "Every Fatboy Slim Song Ever Made" as the best songs on the album.

2001: The older brother, still using the lame stage name "Star Drifter" moved to Texas and bought a bunch of recording gear.

2002 - present: "Not Quite Raving" became the second release of Arcanasphere, still with Greenadder's invaluable technical advice. "A Boy Named Craven", the first rock album, is a half-completed collection of demo-quality music.

2004: Progression on a truly Industrial album known as "GlumRunner" is escalating. Plans to release by January 2005.

2005: GlumRunner released one month late, in February.
Your influences?
Old style industrial, glitterpunk music, sleazy disco, and intellectual rock.
Favorite spot?
The RenCen in Detroit at 3am, on the way home from St. Andrew's.
Equipment used:
  • Ibanez Electric Guitar
  • Ibanez Electric Bass
  • Yamaha SHS-10 Keyboard
  • TASCAM 4 track
  • Shure Microphone
  • Smokey Amp
  • Crate Guitar Amp
  • Crate Bass Amp
  • DOD Stereo Phaser
  • Danelectro Daddy-O Overdrive Pedal
  • FLStudio
  • BuzzMachines
  • ModPlug Tracker
  • Tu2
  • Audacity