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play hi-fi  Driving by Graceland
play hi-fi  King Of Fools
play hi-fi  Dull Edge Of The Blade
play hi-fi  Ghost Riders
play hi-fi  East Kentucky Morning
play hi-fi  Name Please
play hi-fi  It's Just The Knowing
play hi-fi  Pretend
play hi-fi  Paul's Breakdown
play hi-fi  Buffalo River Home
None Of The Above is a bluegrass-based acoustic band from the Mt. Airy, North Carolina area. The band has frequent appearances in the area in various venues and at numerous local street scenes and festivals in the area. The group has been together for about 15 years and features a unique sound that is a mixture of bluegrass, newgrass, acoustic country, folk and old-time music. NOTA sets include everything from fast-paced banjo & fiddle tunes, bluegrass standards, two-steps, covers of charted bluegrass singles and gospel numbers - to a growing offering of originals. All of the group's music has traditional roots, but put through the band's own special "filter: to produce a sound that gives meaning to their name:

None Of The Above.

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Why this name?
We like all types of music and did not want to be labeled as a strict bluegrass band but we are a bluegrass-based acoustic group. We like to take songs from other genres and convert them to bluegrass tunes.
Do you play live?
That's the only way to play bluegrass music, unplugged!! Pretty much everything you will hear in our recorded music, you will hear when we play live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We think that it has been a great way for smaller artists such as ourselves who do not have the huge corporate bankrolls to get exposure for our music.
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