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Article of Faith
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Article of Faith are Jeff Blumer (guitars, vocals, songwriting, production), Mark Evans (bass, engineering, production), Mark Zavala (keyboards, sampling, production), and Sam Joens (drums, percussion, innovative arranging).

Guitars, guitar-synth, bass, keyboards, drums, vocal, occasional reed instruments, trumpet, electric vibes.

Article of Faith delivers a solid, experienced blend of the best of pop, rock, metal and alternative influences. They're each seasoned club and concert performers with considerable studio experience and extensive musical backgrounds. Thoughtful, sometimes elusive - yet accessible - lyrical content is a prevalent, thematic element.

The band focuses on delivering quality progressive and artistically relevant music. Presenting provocative (perhaps, even "disturbing") lyrics is Jeff Blumer's bent, with decided topical discussions, encompassing Life, Love, Relationships - and recognition (praise) to and for the Creator of it ALL!

We're STILL working - in our all-digital studio - on our NEWEST release (2 years in the making!). We've been taking our time (obviously), creating semi-complex as well as palatable, simple songs that the average person - as well as the experienced musican - can appreciate.

It's a luxury we've longed to experience; this "casual" approach to the new album. We feel our LORD has truly blessed us with the recording gear necessary to create a truly unique and fresh album. We won't bore you with the technical details, i.e.: what software we're using, and all the equipment jargon, but I can tell you that it's quality stuff, and seems to suit our needs quite well.

Since we're currently working with our new (returning) drummer, Sam Joens, we've been experimenting with different musical concepts, learning to work together harmoniously. Although we are aiming toward consistency among all the material, there's still a bit of diversity among the styles in the material (in totality) we plan on using on the upcoming CD.

Some of the songs we're currently working on: "(I'll Just) Wait & See" - perspective from the fence-sitter's viewpoint; "It's Not Fair" - a very pop/funk/rock tune that takes a tongue-in-cheek jab at popular World-view Christianity; "Impressions" & "I See"; (from early DFS days!), to name about 1/2 of the tunes we've been working on. We may even bring in a "ballad" or two, as well as some eclectic/experimental progressive instrumental material.

There are always multiple topics interwoven in the lyrics God has given us (me) to write. I don't readily sit down intentionally writing any of these - somehow they just present themselves (as if they are "living" entities!!). Some would say "inspired". Perhaps so.

My perspective of what happens in my songwriting goes something like this: I start with one singular train or even a set of thoughts. That thought or thoughts tend to spawn other ideas. So, rather than writing a new tune with that secondary or ancillary thought flow, I tend to move into what I perceive as a coexistent and relative topic. I then make an attempt to bring back into focus the main theme - tying it all together. Sometimes that works, however, I must admit, occasionally I never quite end up back where I started! That can be a serious flaw in songwriting, according to some critics and experienced songwriters. I'm not so sure they are correct. This is all art, inspiration, innovation and epiphany in a total process. I prefer to operate outside of the confines of the "traditional", as you might have guessed... not so bad a trait, if you understand what I mean. :)

Our Music style is best described as:
"Sub-Alternative, Progressive Power Pop/Rock"

Similar Artists:
We've heard Jeff's voice and our style; sounds a little like a cross between Bowie & David Byrne and Tommy Shaw (from Styx); The Cure + Rush + Cars?? (We are not really sure, because we don't try to emulate any style; or artist in-particular).

Group Members
Jeff Blumer, Mark Evans, Mark Zavala, Sam Joens.

Guitars, guitar synth, bass, keyboards, voice, samples, drums

Everything - 2000 Remedy Records/Global Rx, LTD.
tba - 2004 (BMI)

Press Reviews
"a saner version of Devo" Cliff Rath, SFC (wait a minute - that was a DIFFERENT band!) ".....melodic vocal finesse, and soaring guitar riffs..." - a local critic. "..if they keep working on it, they might just get somewhere...." a former friend in an email to one of the Marks. Hey - send us an email (be nice, now)! Either aof@articleoffaith.com, or jeff@articleoffaith.com works! :)

Additional Info
Peace! - Internet only Video @ http://youtu.be/CYBaB59xmTw, which originally debuted in April of 2000.

Napa Valley, CA - USA
Why this name?
Jeff had recently written a song called "Article of Faith", and shortly after rehearsing the tune (wallowing in a mire of names), and after a gruelling and frustrating session narrowing down the list, we just couldn't come to unanimity. As we were leaving the studio, Mark Z. just casually mentioned "Hey, why don't we just call oursevlves "Article of Faith"? Although we were aware of (or soon discovered) the early 80's punk-core band 'ArticleS of Faith", they'd been broken up for well over a decade, so we didn't find the close similarity of the name to be prohibitive, and mutually agreed to adopt it.
Do you play live?
We rarely play live - perhaps twice yearly.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is an interesting and useful technology which sort of "levels" the playing field. Some of the negative elements of the Recording Industry are amplified in the light of it!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not unless the terms were favorable (which usually are not very fair to the artist in our limited experience). We have been offered a couple of "deals", neither of which were fair in the least.
Band History:
Artist History:
This band began as a renaming of a previously published band: Dress for Success (Maranatha Records: "an e.p.", Produced by Kenneth Nash, ASCAP). Distributed in Japan, Europe, UK and U.S. (as an IMPORT!). This band was slowly evolving out of it's "80's" format into something a bit more palatable. While the band members remained intact, we set the course for a full CD release in late 1997. With the artful engineering expertise of Greg Freeman (formerly of The Call, and now: Pell Mell), and utilizing his production skills, created a notable effort (released on a limited basis in early 1999, full release Spring of 2000) "Everything". The band began performing in a variety of venues, such as coffeehouses, bookstores - large auditoriums, as well as festival settings.
Your influences?
Musical Influences: All kinds of styles, including The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rush, ELP, Yes, Depeche Mode, Kansas, Lifehouse, Creed, Jesus of Nazareth!
Favorite spot?
Napa Valley!
Anything else...?
We are encouraged by the incredible response we've received both locally and globally.
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