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NEWS   UPDATE: As of March 19, 2007, the band has had 800,000 plays and downloads since 2001 (440,000 on and 360,000 on
Prior news:

As of November 6, 2005, the band has had 500,000 streams and downloads since 2001. 440,000 came on and now 60,000 on Soundclick.

April 1, 2006 - 600,000 (440,000 on and 160,000 on

August 1, 2006 - 700,000 (440,000 on and 260,000 on
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More of a music community, the players in the band are all accomplished musicians who seek to lift up a positive message through music.
Why this name?
Warren Throckmorton is the organizer, songwriter for the band.
Your influences?
Dan Fogelberg, Steppenwolf, Humble Pie, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Earth Wind & Fire, James Taylor, Collective Soul, Chicago (early stuff), Cream...
Favorite spot?
Wherever my wife and kids are...
Anything else...?
Indie Artist Review (reviewed by Sonja Vannest): Throckmorton “ Something Different (December 2001 release)

You'll find something different in Throckmorton's latest CD release Something Different. What started out as a simple combined birthday and Christmas present from Warren Throckmorton's wife, has now become an unstoppable quest for this Ph.D .college professor and counselor. It started with just recording a few songs with close friend Rod Learned who used to play drums for the popular 80s band, Berlin. But before long, Something Different was being featured on CCM Magazine's Unsigned Artist Feature in 2002 and tearing up the internet music charts. Something Different offers a collage of blues rock and ccm pop songs which reminisce the sounds of Eric Clapton, George Harrison & BB King in musical & vocal style. The title track Different sets the lyrical theme of how we are to be different than the world when it comes to living out our faith and Throckmorton's personal thought of how it's kinda different for a 45 year old college professor to be making a CCM project. Needless to say, Something Different has made its mark in the independent music world regardless of how different it is and Throckmorton proves that you don't have to be a young 20-something Nsync wanna-be to make a mark in the music industry. Since January 2001 when songs from the project were first being introduced publicly, Throckmorton's songs have been played or downloaded over 400,000 times. Eleven songs from the CD have hit #1 on one or more of the Christian or secular charts at as well as several other internet music sites. Among the hot trax on the CD is Someone's Praying' which features great blues rock guitar riffs and some rip-roarin vocals and is one of the strongest songs...It reminds us of the importance of prayer and how someone is always lifting us up to the Father. I love the title of this one: Hell to Pay which is not your typical Christian song title with a dirty blues southern rock feel. Along with that blues title theme is Natural Born Sinner which should tell you something about the nature of this project. After listening to these two, I feel like I'm in some bar with barbed wire fence surrounding the band. Talk about some dirty guitar licks. Throckmorton has got his blues on. Dance of the Crickets is a beautiful instrumental jazz/blues piece which sets the tone for any coffeehouse gathering. On the softer side of things, Wait For You is a great CCM song with beautifully written lyrics sporting more of a pop-driven MOR worship feel to it. Themed throughout the project is the heartbeat of it's author which is in his own words: about seeing people change in ways they never thought possible. "To paraphrase Walt Disney, 'Its kinda fun to do the impossible' but better yet to quote Paul, 'I can do all kinds of things through Christ who is making me strong!' I love seeing God making ways for people when it looked like there would be no way. This is true in my vocation and my music. In the counseling area, I see this every day." Speaking vocationally, in addition to serving as Grove City College's director of college counseling, Dr. Throckmorton is an associate professor of psychology at the college, a past president of the American Mental Health Counselor's Association, and he also holds membership on the Magellan Behavioral Healthcare's National Provider Advisory Board representing licensed professional counselors. In 1998, he received the George E. Hill Distinguished Alumni Award from the faculty of Ohio University's Counselor Education Program. He earned a B.A. from Cedarville College, an M.A. from Central Michigan University and Ph.D. from Ohio University. Not your average guitar slinger, eh? For more information on Dr. Throckmorton's research on sexual orientation and counseling, visit the following link:

There is something different for every music lover on this project. But you'll find Something Different a stand-alone project in CCM music today. Get your blues on and rock with Throck!

Sonia Vannest - Indie Artist Review February 2003
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