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Safe House
New School
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[Sparrow] is J. Higginbotham -Everything
Why this name?
An unhealthy obsession with the perceived intangibility of things reminiscent of avian species.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
So long as I maintain creative control and the rights to my music.
Your influences?
This could go forever. To give you an idea: Allan Holdsworth, Pain of Salvation, Luna Sea, Animals as Leaders, Ulver, Meshuggah, Katatonia, Frank Zappa, Genesis, John Zorn, Cynic, Marillion, Loveholic, Return to Forever, Kagrra, X Japan, Queensryche, Aphex Twin, Mr. Bungle, Dream Theater, Dir en Grey, Theatre of Tragedy, Vintersorg, Bjork, Arcturus, Head Control System, Dan Swano, Edge of Sanity, Anathema, The Mars Volta, Buckethead, Boris, Dead End, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Glay, Sir Millard Mulch, Dr. Zoltan Obelisk ... lots and lots more.
Equipment used:
A bunch of guitars, an Ibanez 6 string bass, GHS strings, Dunlop Ultex picks, Dimarzio and EMG pickups, Planet Waves cables, Line 6 processors, Cubase, M-Audio midi controllers, and lots of plugins.
Anything else...?
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