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Blood Ruby
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Blood Ruby is Thomas Wall (guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, engineering), Cynthia Conrad (vocals, guitar), and Margaret Browning (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals).

Together, Blood Ruby creates a unique brand of atmospheric alternative music somewhere in the vein of dream pop, ethereal and neoprogressive rock.
Why this name?
We wanted a name that would reflect the richness and depth of our sound. Blood Ruby is one of the most valuable gems in the world, more valuable even than a diamond.
Do you play live?
At this time, Blood Ruby is in the process of recording its first full-length album. Once this project is completed, we will begin work on adapting our songs for live performance.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet has enabled Blood Ruby to reach potential fans around the globe, and making available MP3s of our music has provided us a wider audience than traditional avenues. The prevalence of these technologies enables bands to market their music on a grassroots level far more effectively than in the past.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It would depend upon the terms of the contract.
Band History:

Blood Ruby was founded in early 2001 by Thomas Wall and Cynthia Conrad, who met in an online music forum. Thomas was looking for a singer to cover a song for his Reflection Beauty project. Cynthia was a singer and songwriter in an all-girl band, looking for an additional creative outlet. Their musical chemistry was immediately apparent, and they soon began writing songs together. Some of their earliest collaborations included the unreleased songs "So What If I Do," "Queen of Snow," and "Never Touched."

Thomas and Cynthia collaborated long distance for over a year—she in New Haven, Connecticut, he in a small town outside of Chicago, Illinois. They worked on their songs via mail and email, getting together once every few months to record their creations at Thomas’ home studio.


By early 2002, Thomas and Cynthia had released several of their songs on and, including “The Edge of the Map,” “Centro,” “The Waiting Hours,” “Bone Garden,” “The Night Tide,” and “Some Winters.” Cynthia began her marketing campaign for the band, building the website and contacting would-be fans.

Meanwhile, Thomas moved to New Haven and began work on another batch of songs. Recordings from this period included “Shan Shui,” “Sky and Dryad,” “Underwater Place,” and a cover of the Cocteau Twins’ “Know Who You Are At Every Age.”


By 2003, Cynthia had parted ways with her all-girl band. Out of the ashes, Cynthia rescued Margaret Browning, who quickly became a major creative force in Blood Ruby.

Margaret’s influence added new dimensions to existing songs such as “Babel Babel,” and her contributions on new songs such as “Separate Sides” and "Sleepwalk" brought the band’s sound to a higher level. Cynthia also began offering her own songs to the cause, including “Remains of the Day,” “He’s Lost,” “Where the Rain Goes,” and “Sainte Bernadette.”

As of this writing, the band continues to work on its first full-length CD, prereleasing select songs on their website. For the latest news on Blood Ruby, please visit our website.
Your influences?
Cocteau Twins, Lush, Kate Bush, Tori Amos
Favorite spot?
Blood Ruby Studios in Shelton, CT.
Equipment used:
For an updated list of band equipment, please visit our band gear page.
Anything else...?
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