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we're all 1 flesh, 1 blood, 1 family, with just 1 planet and 1 atmosphere. we must take care of one another and this beautiful home that God has given us. we have no other...
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I've played guitar and sung to people for nearly 40 years in 12 countries. I first came to the Lord at a revival meeting in Connecticut on February 1st, 1971, following a year of deep depression caused by the death of my mother from cancer; during that year I gave myself over to drugs, alcohol, sex, thoughts of suicide, and vain atheistic philosophies, nothing of which helped to ease the pain and hopelessness in my soul. But the moment I gave my heart to Jesus, He began to heal me amazingly!

Those were the days of the popular "Jesus Movement" in America (Jesus even made the cover of TIME Magazine...) so I traveled to where it was all happening, California, and joined a commune in "The Jesus Revolution", where I was immersed in Bible classes, scripture memorizing, hard work and hitting the streets daily to tell people about Jesus! Unfortunately, after a number of years this group was sidetracked into sin, and the Lord gave me the grace to get out. I later met my future wife on the mission field, and we have raised a family of nine children. I served as a youth pastor at an international church there, and we eventually came back to the States in 1986, enrolling our kids in public school. I landed a job as a DJ at Christian music station WCRM-FM for several years in northwest Chicago. In 1998 we moved to Hilton Head Island and currently attend a nondenominational, Christ-centered church.

Sincerely yours in Christ, Charlie
Do you play live?
I play professionally in clubs and restaurants, family-friendly classic rock and blues. Occasionally play in churches and youth groups, etc.
Favorite spot?
Hilton Head Island, on my back deck overlooking the lagoon. Also fond of Geneva, Switzerland, where I spent 9 days recording an album with some friends back in the 80s. And Lake Como, Italy... what a gorgeous place. But a little too pricey these days... it was just right in the early 70s.
Equipment used:
Seagull 12-string (actually an 8-string. I double up on the 4th and 5th strings only, so it's easier to play for several hours); A, C, E and G blues harps with neck brace; Dan-echo pedal, amphead + 2 speakers.
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