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One Inch One-ders
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Hey This is the One Inch One-ders
But were going by OIO because the full name haunts us. Hahaha
Ok this is the break down
Were a pop punk band from Seattle, Washington
Were high schoolers and we just released a demo. (Explained later)
There are four members in the band
Johnny - Drummer
Jef - Guitar
Justin - Guitar
Hayden - Bass

Jlee2025 if you like our stuff. (aim)
dont load me with critism. im a little kid and i cant handle too much of it.. ill cry
Why this name?
Hayden got it. I don't know where from.
Do you play live?
Yes we DO. Its fun
jlee2025 is my aim. tell em if you want us
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It would be cool to get signed with a major label. But if the guys are like "you have to wear polka-dot dresses whenever you perform live" I dont know about John but I dont think anyone else in the band would want to get signed to a company that demanded that.
Band History:
(3rd person story)
In 2003, John and Hayden started the band and they just did covers.

Earlier that year, Jef returned to Seattle from London, which was where he moved to in sixth grade. He then joined the band. The OIO was then a three piece band. They played a couple concerts.

In the summer of 2003, Justin moved to Washington from Alaska. Through an unknown contact, Justin was introduced to Jef and eventually the rest of the band. Justin told Jef that he played guitar although he was actually was a bassist. But it wasn't too much of a problem from Justin because he is an amazing musician.

Justin later joined the band and they started writing songs as a 4-piece band.
Your influences?
My mom is my influence
Anything else...?
We came out with a demo called "random drawings"
its a good demo
has three good songs on it
get it fool
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