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Bernd Harmsen
That girl got balls
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As a notorious musical dilettante I focus on writing lyrics for 'real' musicians or for my own pleasure. Every once in a while I record songs of my own trying to get my musical ideas across as good as I can, which is not so very good, I'm afraid.

The music I like best and which I most often write lyrics for is rock or blues-rock. Since neither my musical skill nor my voice agree with that genres my own recordings sometimes may tend more in the direction of folk or maybe pop-rock - whatever you might call it.
Why this name?
I didn't choose my name, my parents did. Except the surname, that's the birth name of my wife who in turn I've chosen myself.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's easier to spread your stuff and become known but it's harder to earn any money. Yet it's easy to collaborate. Over the years I've worked together with more than two dozen different musicians only three of who I've actually met.
Your influences?
I actually dont't think that my musical ideas are influenced by any particular artist or band. Why, you might envision AC/DC here and there, namely were I play two guitar tracks that I pan to the right and left to gain a 'fat' sound. Or sometimes the guitar sound may remind you a little of Robin Trower. A few songs were compared to the Rolling Stones. But then, I also create and play folk music, or songs I couldn't assign to a particular genre.
Favorite spot?
I love to be wherever I happen to be and love to do whatever I happen to do. "Lost in space" describes it rather well...
Equipment used:
My computer, a cheap version of the Cubase software, a cheap mixer, two cheap microphones, a cheap 12-string guitar, two cheap E-guitars, a cheap bass guitar, a cheap effect pedal, earphones, and my voice.
Anything else...?
Anythings goes? That would be AC/DC, wouldn't it?
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