Hip Hop
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Jamielynn Stimson
NEWS   Jamielynn Stimson has been doing music since she was little at the age of 12. She always had a passion for music. Always wanted to be the center of attention in performance with Karoake or playing instruments amongst family and friends. Loves to dance still from this day! She attended dancing school at that age for yrs at Foley's Dancing School in South Boston. As time progressed, she found more of her interest in singing and rapping. Her influences from family also inspired her as looking up to her father Walter McSorley- DJ . Her favorite artist of all times is Mary J. Bleige, Whitney Houston, Paula Abdule, Janet Jackson. Jamielynn always had an interest for R& b, pop, and freestyle. She always had her own space in her room recording music when cassette tapes was out and mixed while recorded. As time progressed, she went out in the world on her own as a mature adult setting ways for her independence and in search for a good life. At 29 years od, as different to most people who start in the studio at an earlier age , she started recording songs she had previously wrote, and had the chance to make her songs intended out on cd's/ internet. She does her music for the love of it and has the determination to become even better in developing more talent in time of practice / recording.
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play hi-fi  In A Zone- Truble,Pluma,Jamielynn,LaLaBoo
play hi-fi  I Feel Like Dancing
play hi-fi  What You Like- Jamielynn, Ft. Krow Catch
play hi-fi  WHY YOU CALLING ME
play hi-fi  Over & Over Again
play hi-fi  Get that Money Spit One, Ft. Jamielynn, 5 stars
play hi-fi  Holdin Back M.A.V Ent. Ft. Jamielynn
play hi-fi  Come Back
play hi-fi  I Got Your Man
play hi-fi  Happiness
Jamielynn B.Fly
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