Dialog Dini Hari
NEWS   1/8/11 - The new EP "Lirih Penyair Murung" has now been released. The song "Aku Adalah Kamu" is available here at Soundclick as FREE DOWNLOAD.

1/1/10 - The debut album "Beranda Taman Hati" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc.
Lagu Sedih
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Music video Dialog Dini Hari - Lagu Sedih, from first album Beranda Taman Hati.
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play hi-fi  Manuskrip Telaga
play hi-fi  Aku Dimana
play hi-fi  Aku Adalah Kamu
play hi-fi  Nyanyian Langit
play hi-fi  Aku Tak Seperti Yang Kau
play hi-fi  Oksigen
play hi-fi  Beranda Taman Hati
play hi-fi  Pagi
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