Durty George
East Coast
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play hi-fi  Durty George - Long Time Coming
play hi-fi  Durty George - Young Again (redux)
play hi-fi  Durty George - Sunrise, Inc.
play hi-fi  Durty George - Glass City Breakdown
play hi-fi  Durty George - Level (Raconteurs cover) (live)
play hi-fi  Durty George - Paper Planes (M.I.A. cover)
play hi-fi  Durty George - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges cover)
play hi-fi  Durty George - Supersonic II (Cover)
play hi-fi  Durty George - O'er Shallow Seas (take 1)
play hi-fi  Durty George - Young Again (live)
We are not actually a band; we are a union, and a brotherhood. Many years ago upon pots and pans, 3 stringed guitars, and through hazy smoke the musical bond was forged. As for now, DG is emerging slowly as a 3 headed monster. We are a 3 piece hobby band, and just like getting together to jam. We are always looking for new musicians to join in the fun, and if you feel the urge then hit us up and we can see if there is a mingling moment. Long time jammer D. Smith has been holding the fort down on all guitar action. C. Georges, the drummer/percussionist, is just backin' the beats. P. Raetzel, the ear makin' master is always an integral part of the jams, he lends all the technical necessities and sound knowledge to keep this jalopy moving. P. Raetzel is also now a budding bass player, and slowly breaking off the rust. We enjoy playing cover tunes that the other bands don't play, and spend time free form jamming to write the next original tune. We work on originals in spare tme, and in the moment of a jam. It is all about just having fun with our hobby.
Why this name?
combo of names from the people who play
Do you play live?
Can, but normally just for family and friends.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Allows users to obtain vast amounts of music media with relative ease. The availibility of the internet to the populous, and the broad swath of people who have access, lends a musician an avenue of letting the world hear their craft. The pros and cons are to full and dynamic to even begin to touch upon.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Middle aged. Playing for more than a decade together. Just gel and enjoy the commrodare
Your influences?
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Southern Rock. Each member has their favorites. Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Neil Young, The Band, My Morning Jacket, Tool, James Brown, Pantera, Poncho Sanchez, Jack Johnson, Richard Groove Holmes, Ben Harper, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, motown, and most music you might imagine--from traditional/cultural to gangsta rap. That is just some of the diversity among the us.
Favorite spot?
Love many cities, places, and scenes. Constantly changing. However, in our prospective ladies' arms is a good place.
Equipment used:
Yamaha Board, Alesis interface, Crown Amps, Digitech efx, Alesis efx, EV and JBL cabs, Fender Strat, Seagull, Gibson Epiphone Elec. Acoustic, Shure Mics, Evans Heads, Pearl, Vic Firth, Sabian, Latin Percussion, Ultimate, Yamaha Bass, Ampeg, Line 6.
Anything else...?
Hope to get our sh*** together this winter and play a few shows. The wives are getting a bit restless from all the time we spend practicing and hanging, so we need to produce. Should be slowly adding more songs on a weekly basis. Stay tuned, and hope you enjoy.
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