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Stacked Up Michael
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play hi-fi  Filthy Rich with Hook by Fudge
play hi-fi  How I'm Living
play hi-fi  Thoro
play hi-fi  Long Time Coming (Untagged)
play hi-fi  25/ 8
play hi-fi  Let's Talk Money (Lambo&king EC)
play hi-fi  Count It
play hi-fi  The Low ft. Fudge (with hook)
play hi-fi  Blow Ya Mind (hook) ft. JMarsh
play hi-fi  Blow Ya Mind (non hook version)
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Ready For Whatever'
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Waist Deep'
'Cold Case'
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'Friends & Foes'
'Filthy Rich'
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'Bout it'
'In the Air'
'No Peace talks'

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