Suite for Queen Caroline
Safe House
New School
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This is a page dedicated to the fight to save the Queen Caroline Estate in Hammersmith, London from demolition. In short, the council want to demolish the estate and re-develop the site with possible relocation for current residents to another part of London. See here for the full story - Save The Queen Caroline Estate

Although this cycle of songs was inspired by the QC fight it equally applies to the disenfranchised, dispossessed and powerless across the world.

Each song is written from the point of view of those involved in the struggle or simply affected by the proposals in whatever way.

There are (or will be) songs for

The organisers of the protest group
The politicians from all sides
The developers who will build luxury flats after the estate is demolished
The buyers of those flats
The demolition men
The shopkeeper
The Lollipop lady
The residents who want to go
The residents who don't
The newspaper reporters

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