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Hard Strings Riot
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05/14/16 @ 12:53 PM     post a comment
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Hard Strings Riot is actually a Virtual Band which has musicians and songwriters
from all over the world involved in songs and music!

About William Miller ( AKA Willy Deals) :

I'm a composer and songwriter.
I founded the Hard Strings Riot Virtual Band.
I usually start a new original composition in piano, add violins and go from there.
The instruments are great, but I often need a fuller different feel to the completed song.

Thus, most song project collaborations for Willy Deals and Hard Strings Riot are done

Our current lineup includes Willy Deals and Yaramial Brand on Vocals, Lyrics, and Mixes.

Jimmy 'FastStrings' Freed providing lyrical support,

plus there are alot of different people world-wide who are contributing to this music.

We are excited about the music and projects here on the Internet. Check Us Out!
Why this name?
Hard Strings Riot band name is derived from my nickname at which was Hard_Way
the band is co-founded with Jimmy "FastStrings" Freed..

So....Hard Strings Riot was created. :)
Do you play live?
I do street performances occasionally. Since Hard Strings Riot is a Virtual Band, I am usually by myself during these street performances. So.... I show people how I operate as a composer... and sing to the songs I helped create.

I use my laptop, and my Fender Concert speaker system, so the crowd can both see and hear what I am doing, merely by watching my laptop screen, as they hear the playable compositions I write, or the band pictures for the songs I am doing!

Do I like it??? Yes, I love it!!

Special moments are when the crowd of people get involved...screaming and smiling at what I'm doing!!
I also get lots of request for photo shoots using the I-phones they are waving around, and downloading
my music! :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Definately, the internet technology has finally caught up with my dreams as a composer and songwriter.

People can see and hear my playable music sheets on my laptop screen!
I can collaborate and work with other great talents, LIVE, with video feeds and comments
during the song project while we're working on a new song in the LIVE studio!!

It's easy to put out the music on the Internet. The only problem is actually making
lots of money with my music. That's where I have to learn the music business. ha ha
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not sure if I ever would go with a record label. I like running my own show. I don't want to have to go on tour to promote my music....unless I actually want to do that!! Businesses like: iTunes, AppleMusic, TuneCore, etc., etc. can actually do most of the work promoting my music for me.... providing I am willing to pay for their services. lol
Band History:
Hard Strings Riot started in about 2007, or soon thereafter, as an Internet Virtual Band.

The band line up has changed over the years, because we work with talented people from
all over the world. Each song has different musical artists involved, and they always receive
song credits for their hard work!

Now in 2016, Hard Strings Riot is still hard at work, creating new songs and music.

Most of the work is done by William Miller (AKA Willy Deals - formerly known at Hardway)
the Founder of Hard Strings Riot Virtual Band

I'm still creating original compositions as a composer.
I still work with others around the world to create new songs as a songwriter.
I still do the mixing and production work on most of our songs.
I still promote Hard Strings Riot and do most of the grunt work
on all the websites where we are at!!
Your influences?
Mainly the talented people I work with on song projects. But.... a few of my Favorites are:

Bread, The Animals, Paul Revere and the Raiders, B.B. King, and, of course, Hard Strings Riot Virtual Band!!
Favorite spot?
I love Salt Lake City, Utah for the music scene here.

I am the Host for the Utah Sound Stage radio station on Sound Click,
and I love finding great local talents to feature on that radio station.

Other favorite cities include:
Chipiona, Spain (where I lived for 3 years)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, springs breaks!!
Monterey, California (a great town)
Equipment used:
Fender Stratocaster guitar. Fender Concert speaker system. Toshiba and Gateway laptops. Music software programs to easily create my music.
Anything else...?
STAY TUNED...... I am creating even better music now!!

I have learned a lot about music, about composing original music, reading and writing music as a professional.

Hope you love the show!

There's a lot of competition out there!
Thankfully many of the greats are also good friends!!

and they encourage Hard Strings Riot to reach for the Dream!!
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