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play hi-fi  Alive At Night
play hi-fi  Summer Girl
play hi-fi  Zone
play hi-fi  Focus
play hi-fi  Jump On It
play hi-fi  Murder
play hi-fi  Nightscape
play hi-fi  Magic City
play hi-fi  Gone Missing
play hi-fi  Chop
Why this name?
I've Had a few names and still do ha,, like Dj Sonik, D.Knight etc But definition is just perfect. The Definition of something is what it means. I am music so the name is only right.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it easier for a upcoming artist to get heard.. Selling your music is ten times easier then it was years ago when you had to burn cds and walk around and try and sell them ha
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah without a doubt. Only because then its truly unlimited resources to who i can produce for and who i can work with. I know theirs people out there that would love what i have to offer but i just cant reach them.
Your influences?
My life, Ryan leslie, Scott Storch, Mysto And Pizzi, The Heatmakers, Just Blaze, Polow Da Don, SoundZ,Alchemist, And of course Dr.Dre
Favorite spot?
Ocean City Maryland its poppin down there, Philly,AC, My studio of course, and i really liked florida.. need to get back down there asap.
Equipment used:
FL STUDIO XXL with alot of custom drums, drum kits, Too many vst's to name. A yamaha midi controller and cubase 5 for the re-wire and mixing. M-Audio midi controller.. anything i can really get my hands on haha if you got a soup can some coins and a mic i'l do the dam thing
Anything else...?
I make My beats to express myself. i'm also a rapper its crazy because some of my beats are not a beat that i would rap on but other people like it. Theres no limit to the type of music i could and will attempt to create. Nothing is to crazy or to boring.. i'll try anything
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