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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  *Fresh*Into the Light(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *Sparky*Dust(Freedownload)
play hi-fi  *Mastery*Faded(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *Serious*High Stakes(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *KingBeat*First Strick(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *Magical*Once Upon a Time(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *Spooky*Moon Crest(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *Spicy*Rod(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *FUN*High Spirit(FREEDOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  *BANGER*Floor Shakers(FREEDOWNLOAD)
Right Now Its Just me. Anyone that want's to join just hit me up!!
Why this name?
So I thought About it and Said Why Not Your Sinister Productions as a name? After all its the listeners music, not?
Do you play live?
Naw never played live or infront of a large audience but maybe someday I will.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet helps people get heard and gives them a lot more freedom while their at it. Not having limits set on you by a label is true speech freedom.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If they make me rich! lol i might if I like it.
Band History:
nothing much to say a lot about a band history since I never real went all the way through with my written songs...
Your influences?
A lot of dark artist as well as rock bands. resountly i've been listening to a lot of Hip hop/Rap beats tho..
Favorite spot?
Houston is great but I love Orlando more fun and the people have more energy too..not to offend Houston there are great people here too
Equipment used:
Just my pc with a Sound Blaster X-fi Titanium sound card, Philips 2.1 Speakers and monitor screen speakers.
Anything else...?
Make them into a knockout.
listen or get blown up!
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