TRP NMEwreckidz
TRP NMEwreckidz
Mr 'Bigg' Nash - 'GONE'
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12/15/06 @ 02:03 PM     1 comment
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directed by Corduroy
Produced by Mr Dilligence
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This is basically what the deal on NME wreckidz is... We are trying to change the way people think of underground rap. It doesn't have to be poor quality or low grade over all performances. It doesn't have to be a copy of whatever is on the radio right now. It doesn't have to sound like it's strictly one genre or style of rap.

It CAN be original. It can be intriguing and relatable without being cliché or preachy. It can be accessible to anyone through our free download section online, or cheap from a mom or pops store and our online joint. It can be the highest quality possible from real equipment and knowledge, as well as content wise. It can be no filler.

The only thing standing in between us and inevitable worldwide recognition is the fact that we chose to stay under the radar and not play the games of the industry. We go by our own rules, and apologize for nothing. Our music speaks for itself, and we are not rookies having been involved with hip-hop on all levels, including many shows up and down the east coast, 47 full length (solo and group) CD releases, which we have had moderate success with sales over 35 ,000 combined just selling ourselves and through a few small distributors; Please listen to some of our material, I know that you will immediately hear the quality....
Why this name?
NME wreckidz... i got the idea for NME from a license plate i saw with the initials NME, and we kinda have that outlaw rebellious thang goin down, so.... the wreckidz part came from the local mass accent, plus we catch wreck, and wreck kidz. There is also the all important DOUBLE meaning behind it, when written like "nMe" it means north east mass.TRP came from the original group name MAD TRIP. it eventually got broken down to just TRP.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
hard to say. it has its ups and downs. for people like us, who would spend money to promote anyway, its good to have sites like this that allow us to give our music away. but on the other hand, if your losing millions of dollars because of bootleggers then it would be an issue.
Band History:
Led by veteran independent producer Mr. Dilligence, NME/TRP is out to show and prove in this new millenium...we are not rookies, having been involved with hiphop on all levels, including many shows up and down the east coast, 34 full length (solo and group) CD releases, which we have had moderate success with sales over 20,000 combined... just selling ourselves out the trunk and on the street, as well as through a few small distributors with the tireless help of mom and pop stores;

Please listen to some of our material, I know that you will immediately hear the quality.... we have done several national projects here are a few:

*7 songs including the beginning and ending credits on the multi-platinum smash "Ghetto Fights" DVD as well as the recently released "Ghetto Fights 2"

*3 songs on a movie soundtrack, Kingston High, released on Artisan DVD and
is in rotation on Black Starz

*2 songs in HOLLA!" an independant horror movie just released on Lion's Gate DVD.

*a song in a bike vid called "Industry"

*a bike DVD from the streets of Scotland called "Accomplish"

We have been delving into mixtapes as well, Saj Supreme's ART OF WORD mixtape...and blessed with being on 2 major releases (HIV3 and Palm Trees and Gangstas) from theDJstrong" from CALI UNTOUCHABLES, the west coast justo award-winnning DJ camp, as well as an exclusive on "F*** THE RADIO", Philly DJ, Meddafore's newest drop, not to mention a very recent collab project with Jail Break Recordz, several projects on New Industry's Internet Kingz & Bangers mixtape series, as well as a strong relationship with Dj Rated R and the whole Potent Product family...

In addition to those national releases. we have also been involved with compilations on other labels, including one from Canada on Arbitron Records and one in Colorado on D.U.G.O.U.T. ENT. with PLAYA RAE, and having Houston's Dj Xplicit do an exclusive chop and screwed NME mixtape...

Our main site, which has had great success for us since we started our online campaign back in 2000. We have logged over 600,000 unique visitors from 13 different time zones and over one million plays/downloads.

Your influences?
90s nyc, 90s cash money, wu tang, def squad, infamous mobb deep, boot camp click, pretty much every grimy dusty dirty rap thats out there.... et al
Equipment used:
top of the line hardware and software. vintage and contemporary...
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