Push Thru (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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play hi-fi  Vulcan MOSS
play hi-fi  MOSSTER Rave
play hi-fi  Wishing Stone
play hi-fi  TribalMOSS
play hi-fi  3003Theme
play hi-fi  003DWGee
"MOSSTER" is the title of EJ2's project to develop/design a collection of Karma-fied MOSS Combis for the Korg Karma Keyboard and KarmaTriton software. MOSS (Multi Oscillator Synthesis System)is a DSP expansion board for Korg's line of Triton and Karma synthesizers. These MP3 demos present a brief audition of selected MOSSTER Combis. As with all EJ2 demos, they were recorded live directly into a digital recorder and the .wavs were then converted to both MP3 Pro and WMA format. No "doctoring", overdubbing, or editing of the .wavs was conducted in order to keep the auditions honest. What you hear is what you get and more.

For further info, go to EJ2's MOSSTER ZONE
Why this name?
It is derived from the EXB MOSS (Multi Oscillator Synthesis System) DSP expansion board for Korg's line of Triton and Karma synthesizers.
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