This Side of the Aisle
© yes
Author: Beth Williams, BMI/Ricki Bellos, BMI
"This Side of the Aisle"

This side of the aisle
Feels unsteady to me
I stand, grip my tissue
Not ready to see
That billow of white
First step into view
'Cause Son, you’re the groom
And I’m looking at you….all the while
From this side of the aisle

My once bashful boy
Now buoyant and brave
So smart in your tux
I return your small wave
Then you look past me
We battle our tears
Yours hold love and passion
As mine mix with fears….all the while
From this side of the aisle

When the doors finally open and your bride makes her way
Down the aisle, I remember that long ago day
When you finally arrived, a week overdue
Now you take her hand gently, like I once reached for you

She really is lovely
You kiss, share a grin
It’s time for your life
With your wife to begin
I miss you already
Too soon you'll depart
I loosen my hold
Feel a shift in my heart…then I smile
From this side of the aisle

You turn, whisper “thank you”, I say “no thank YOU”
I think we did great for so long, just us two
You’re so like your Dad, do you remember his smile?
For a moment it’s brighter this side of the aisle....
This side of the aisle