Change in the Weather
© yes
Author: Music Ricki Bellos, BMI/Lyrics Beth Williams, BMI
Watching the rain pour
Through pain bought and paid for
I pray for the eye of the storm
A moment of peace
A hopeful belief
That the landscape will somehow transform

But the wind is strong
And pulls me along
This slippery slope is so steep
Don't have what it takes
To put on the brakes
I call you when he falls asleep

Can't kiss you
Just miss you
You're right not to pick up the phone
No more one last time
Final price for our crime
Gotta wipe the slate clean here at home

I sigh, back to bed
Eyes dry now but red
I slide in till he and I spoon
Not fully awake
He reaches to take
What I gave you that first afternoon

Temperatures rise, in spite of it all
I will pick myself up from this fall

Can't kiss you
Still miss you
With baby steps I'm feeling better
I know the cost
Of what could've been lost
And sense a change in the weather