When I Whisper
© 2009
Author: Beth Williams/Kristi McKeever/Ricki Bellos all BMI
When I whisper
My secrets to the wind
Do you hear them calling
As they start to roll in
Open your window
Let the night breeze rush through
Designed for pleasure
Delivered just to you

When I whisper
Softly and sweetly
I want so completely
To breathe you, seduce you
Slip into your dreams
When I whisper

When I whisper
My longing and desire
Can you feel it surging
The frenzy and fire
Go ahead reach out
Let promise fill the air
Close your eyes, listen
Though I’m here and you’re there

When I whisper
Free and easy
I dare you to tease me
Catch hold of me, please me
You’re just what I need

When you whisper back let me love you more than this
I begin to imagine the weight of your kiss

When I whisper
Do you know my intentions
When I whisper
Do I have your attention
When I whisper
When I whisper
When I whisper