So Long Ago
© Dave Claridge/Peter Rand
Author: Dave Claridge/Peter Rand
A girl, kissed on the lips for the very first time
Where did she go?
You and I, in Mother Nature’s role reversal,
So long ago.

Why did you scream and tear at me about the time.
When did I curse you for everything,
Now the blame is mine.

When did the spring turn a thousand winters
waiting for the snow.
A face, that has all my reflections granted,
So long ago

Why did you scream and tear at me without a crime.
When did you curse me for nothing,
‘cause now the time is mine.

When did a life run away from childhood
Where did it grow
You and I so far from the time we spent
So long ago

Why did I dream that you were me for all of time
Life in reverse played out silently
Won't someone turn back time

So long ago