My Cold Shoulder
© Les Cotton/Pete Rand
Author: Les Cotton (Music) Peter Rand (Words)
With Helen I was cold
Trying hard to stay controlled
Wary of the helping hand
Scared to change from boy to man

With Marilyn was colder
left dried up tears on my cold shoulder
laying loveless on demand
still I didn't understand

Close my eyes and count to ten
The times I wanted back again
The things I'd change the next time round
I was the only common ground

With Judy I was older
None the wiser but much bolder
Found a lover, lost a friend
Found the means but lost the end

With you I found the friend
to lead me on to make amends
Love alone the guiding light
Seize the days and share the nights

Close my eyes and count to ten
Those times will not come back again
Give thanks to you as love grows old
Give thanks I came in from the cold