Camel Boy
© 2010
Author: C. E. Chaffin
Camel Boy

Chorus: You gotta walk the camel, gotta feed the camel,
Gotta love the camel every day.
I’m your camel camel boy, hey!
I’m your camel camel boy. (X2)

Plodding through the sand
Underneath the sun
Wilted to a crisp
But now the heat is done.

Lying by a pool,
Munching on some figs,
Now the air is cool
Beside the architectural digs.


You are all I want
In this desert land.
Just a passing smile
Would put me in your hand.

All my heart is yours
And my wishes, too.
You’re my hope and cure
When the camel’s blue.


If I were a king
With my concubines
I would only sleep
Within your bed’s confines.

All the stars above
And all the sand below
Can’t measure my love--
It’s greater than the whole